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Move Your Bones

By May 1, 2010

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Let me suggest a little shift of the mind: Move bone not muscle. Not exclusively of course, after all, we use our muscles to move our bones. But shifting the focus from muscle to bone can be a very productive experiment.

There is a possibility that we've gotten a little obsessed with muscle in modern fitness. We're constantly trying to manage what different muscles are doing - when and how. What if we trusted our body's innate intelligence a little more and just went for the line-up of bones we want?

Thinking of moving the bones and allowing the muscles to support that is an approach to Pilates that has been around for many years. I was first introduced to it in a wonderful little book called Rule of the Bones by Pilates Elder, Bruce King. Unfortunately, the book is out of print (if you see one, grab it). But you can read more about this idea and learn a simple exercise to help you get in touch with moving from your bones in my latest article: Sensing the Bones.

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