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Pilates DVD Round-up

By July 15, 2011

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I've reviewed a whole heap of Pilates DVDs in my time. I almost always find something to appreciate about them. Occasionally, however, a DVD is just awful or I think it promotes unsafe techniques. In that case, I reject it or if I think a lot of people might be affected by it, I publicly warn people in a review. Luckily, there have been very few of those (there was Wii Pilates but that wasn't really a DVD).

More often that not, even if a DVD isn't exactly to my taste, I see value for someone with different interests than mine and I try to talk about that - just so all readers are clear on what they are getting if they get that DVD. But there are also a number of DVDs that consistently come to mind when people ask me for my Pilates DVD recommendations. I thought you might like to know what they are, so I made of list of my picks for Pilates DVDs.

I divided my list into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and also made a category for those I think of as fusion Pilates. I only have so much room and can't fit every DVD I think is good in my list - I limited myself to 3 per category -  so do check my full reviews. Also, this past winter, About.com readers chose their favorites for Best Pilates DVD. That was quite a process, let me tell you. Some of the reader picks were different than mine, and some I had never heard of! I had to act fast to get a copies for myself. A few of those are now on my top Pilates on DVD list as well.

Marguerite's Picks for Pilates DVDs

About.com Readers' Choice Awards for Best Pilates DVD

By the way, all of my Pilates DVD reviews have a link at the bottom where you can add your own review. I would love to have more people do that!

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