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Pilates with Injinji Toe Socks - a Review

By November 20, 2011

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toe socksWhen the Injinji company first contacted me about trying their toe socks, I kept transposing the letters to be ninja. I wrote back saying I'd be delighted to try their "ninja socks". Well, I got a polite correction from a company representative, but I do feel like a secret agent in my black Injinji toe socks, or else a jaguar or a bear. I'm not sure which. Suffice it to say whenever I wear my toe socks, a glance at my feet surprises me and prompts some kind of fantasy.

It's the each toe covered individually thing that gets me. It cracks me up. But toe socks, even toe shoes, are becoming increasingly popular. The idea is that toe socks allow the foot to move  like its barefoot which is more natural than being in a regular sock. I do find I like the freedom my toes have to work individually in the toe socks. Having fabric between your toes does take a little getting used to, but these toe socks don't have a seam around the toe so it is not uncomfortable.

Also, For Pilates and yoga in particular, where we typically workout barefoot, toe socks with grip on the bottom make sense.  And did the Injinji grip work? Yes it did. I felt very secure in these socks. I have reviewed workout footwear in the past that I had to take off if I was doing an exercise where I felt might risk a slip -- such as tendon stretch or snake on the reformer. I breezed through my workout with the Injinjis. And while the Injinji yoga toe socks are not meant to be worn for a lot of warmth, they are warmer than barefoot, but they also breathe  well so the foot doesn't get too hot. They are moisture wicking as well. Overall, a really good toe sock.

Most toe socks are brightly colored. The Injinji yoga (or Pilates) sock, so far, are black or muted stripes. Perfect for a ninja or jaguar doing Pilates! I'm not sure these are going to look right hung by the mantle at Christmas, but tucked under the tree could be a good idea. Injinji are widely available in The suggested retail price is $16.

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disclosure: sample of the Injinji Yoga Toe Sock was provided by the manufacturer.

photo: courtesy of Injinji
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