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Reflecting on Joseph Pilates Birthday

By December 9, 2011

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Joseph Pilates Birthday CakeJoe's birthday snuck up on me this year. With so much going on -- gearing up for the holidays, and in particular the passing of Pilates Elder Ron Fletcher this week, Joe's birthday almost slipped my mind. But through my years of being the guide to Pilates here at About.com, I  have made it one of my missions to make sure that people know about Joe, especially people new to Pilates who might not realize that Pilates was started by an actual person. So here I am, late-night Dec. 8, blogging to say hey, Dec. 9, Happy Birthday Joseph Pilates!

I think it is really important that we keep it in the public eye that Pilates is not just a name of a fitness trend. It is a cohesive method of body/mind/spirit integration and conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates. The system of fitness that has benefited so many, as well as all of the hoopla -- the studios, equipment, certifications, snazzy workout clothes, this website, Pilates on FB, Pilates on twitter and much more is all because one very insightful, inventive, and dedicated man made it his life's work to heal peoples bodies and provide a means to elevate the fitness of the whole person.

I can't help but feel that Joe's birthday is more poignant this year because we have just lost  another Pilates Elder. Sometimes it seems like the whole Pilates thing has gotten so big. There was Joe and then the people he trained, the Elders, and thankfully they went out and trained many wonderful people to teach. But the branches keep branching and sometimes it's nice to track back to the trunk (the core, of course). Maybe it's a just good time to reflect on our teachers, and our teachers teachers.


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