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Nutrition - One of Life's Pleasures

By March 12, 2012

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Fruits and VegetablesDid you know that  March is National Nutrition Month? I have a Masters degree in holistic nutrition so you would think I'd have  that tidbit forefront in my brain, but here we are half way through the month, almost,  and I'm just getting around to mentioning it (maybe I need some brain food like walnuts). Nevertheless, It's not too late! In fact, I tell people all the time it is absolutely never too late to start paying attention to how you nourish your body.

Diet and exercise go together to create a truly vital, healthy person. That is scientifically accepted common knowledge at this point.  Add to that the fact that those of us doing Pilates are engaged in a system of exercise that seeks to not only provide us with a graceful, strong, uniformly developed body but an integrated experience of healthy body, mind and spirit.  For that, we need to attend to the fitness of our whole being.

Consider this quote from Joseph Pilates' book Return to Life Through Contrology:

The man who uses intelligence with respect to his diet, sleeping habits and who exercises properly, is beyond any question of doubt taking the very best preventive medicines provided so freely and abundantly by nature.

Because of my love for nutrition and my conviction that a little education goes a long way in helping people eat and live better, I have accumulated quite a bit of healthy eating information for you here at pilates.about.com. Please take advantage of these resources:

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