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Your Workstation is a Fitness Issue

By November 12, 2012

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bad desk postureLet me ask you something: How much time do you spend exercising in an alignment conscious way? Does it exceed the amount of time you spend sitting at your computer? For many of us the answer is no. Nevertheless, those of us who do Pilates and other kinds of exercise persist in thinking that being flexible and having core strength makes us immune to the degenerative effects of sitting too much or at a poorly setup station.

Let's face it: If your workstation setup is not supporting your body properly, every moment you spend at your desk is a moment your body spends fighting to save itself from back pain, neck pain, numbness and other ills that can be traced back to sitting at the computer, even for a short time. What's the point in that?

So, my Fitness Friends Who Should Not Ignore their Bodies at Work ( you), I went to see the ergonomic specialists at Kare Products. We put together a together a step-by-step how to sit at work guide for you. The Kare Products showroom is a veritable playground of ergonomic office furniture -- we had chairs that adjust every which way, desks that go up and down, and all kinds of body saving gadgets. And sometimes one has to admit that one just plain needs better gear, as I did with my chair; but start with what you have and set your workstation up right.

Workstation Setup - step-by-step

Once you get your desk setup, you still need the fitness and awareness to sit properly at it. That's where Pilates comes in. Get to a Pilates class. Practice Pilates exercises at home. Buy a Pilates DVD. Do what it takes to have a happy body.

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