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Pilates Exercise Mat - Buyers' Guide - About.com
Here is a buyers' guide for Pilates exercise mats. Having the right equipment can do wonders for your Pilates experience. An exercise mat could well be your ...
Pilates Exercise Mat Reviews - About.com
Use these Pilates exercise mat reviews to help you find the best workout mat for you.
The First 10 Pilates Mat Exercises and More - About.com
There is a traditional order to the Pilates mat exercises, as developed by Joseph Pilates. Here are the first 10 exercises of a classical Pilates mat exercise ...
What to Look for in a Pilates Mat Video
Pilates mats serve a unique purpose, so it's critical to your neck and spine to pick out the right one. In this how-to video from about.com, we'll share tips and ...
Pilates Mats - Reviews and Information About Pilates Mats
Read reviews and get information about Pilates mats. Learn which exercise mats are best for home workouts.
Sample Free Pilates Exercises: Pilates Mat Exercises - About.com
This list of beginner exercises is designed help you build familiarity with the basic Pilates mat exercises. These exercises provide a foundation for building the ...
Swimming - Pilates Mat Exercise - Swimming - About.com
Sep 1, 2014 ... Swimming makes a great counter stretch for the many Pilates Mat exercises that require forward flexion. Lie on your stomach with the legs ...
Pilates Mat Exercise Warm Up - Your Warm Up Exercises for Pilates ...
Pilates is a method of training the body and mind to work together to create an efficient, integrated, movement experience -- both on the workout mat and as you  ...
Why You Need to Take Pilates Mat Classes - About.com
Here are 5 real reasons you need Pilates mat classes. Take them at a studio or at the gym, but make sure you get some in. Here's why.
Pilates Mat Exericise - Rolling Like a Ball - About.com
Jun 19, 2014 ... A classic Pilates exercise, rolling like a ballis almost always included in Pilates mat classes. Rolling like a ball stimulates the spine, deeply ...
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