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Focus on Abdominals

Here is a collection of Pilates exercises that focus directly on working the abdominal muscles and developing core strength. Essentially, all Pilates exercises are abdominal exercises, working from the powerhouse; but look here if you want to zero in on the abs., build your core strength, and flatten your stomach.

Prep for Pilates Double Leg Stretch Exercise
The prep exercise for Pilates double leg stretch will help you build the abdominal strength and coordination for the full exercise.

The Pilates Series of Five
The series of five is a famous sequence of Pilates ab exercises.

The Rolling Pilates Exercises
The rolling exercises in Pilates are a tremendous workout for the abdominal muscles.

3 Top Tummy Toning Exercises
These 3 tummy toning exercises get the upper abs, lower abs and obliques.

Chest Lift with Rotation
This Pilates exercise strengthens your abdominal muscles and teaches pelvic stability. It is also a great prep for criss cross, one of the best flat abs exercises ever.

The Pilates Teaser Exercise
Teaser is a great ab workout. Here is a 30 day program for building strength and skill for this challenging exercise.

Pelvic Clock - Pilates Fundamental
Pelvic Clock is a basic Pilates exercise. It helps one understand the difference between neutral pelvis and flat back, and how to move the pelvis with the abdominals. It also reveals imbalances in the back and abdominal muscles.

The Pilates Roll Up Exercise Instructions in Detail
Learn Pilates roll up, one of the classical Pilates mat exercises that tones the abdominal muscles and stimulates the spine. Here are detailed instructions.

Oblique Muscle Exercise - Roll Back and Twist
The oblique muscles turn your trunk and help give you a waist line. This oblique exercise uses at toning ball to help you focus the work in your abs.

One Leg Circle - Pilates Mat Exercise
One leg circle is a great test of core strength and stabilization. One gets a great workout for the abdominal muscles by keeping the shoulders and pelvis stable against the movement of the leg. One Leg Circle also tones and stretches the thighs.

Leg Pull Front
Like plank/front support, leg pull front engages every part of the body. Leg pull front takes plank/front support a step further. By lifting one leg off the floor, the instability that is introduced challenges the abdominals and shoulders to keep the trunk and pelvis stable as you move.

Flat Abdominals Series
One of the benefits of Pilates is that doing the exercises correctly produces not just great core strength, but flat abs. too.. Include this series of free Pilates abdominal exercises in your workout routine and find out how to work you lower abdominals, develop core strength, and get the abdominal muscles to flatten out.

Chest Lift
Pilates Chest Lift looks a lot like an abdominal crunch, but beware, it's not! Use these instructions to work your abdominals in a way more effective than the common crunch.

Flat Abdominals Series
One of the benefits of Pilates is that doing the core exercises correctly produces not just great core strength, but flat abs. too.. Include this series of free Pilates abdominal exercises in your workout routine and find out how to work you lower abdominals, develop core strength, and get the abdominal muscles to flatten out.

Criss Cross - Pilates Mat Exericise:
Criss Cross is a popular Pilates mat exercise for targeting the abdominal muscles, especially the obliques. Working an upper body rotation against a stable pelvis is an excellent workout for all of the abs., but the rotation involved requires extra work from the obliques. Working the obliques supports posture, the ability to flex and rotate the torso, and is a waist whittler!

Double Leg Stretch - Intermediate Pilates Mat
Double Leg Stretch is really a powerful abdominal strengthening workout. In this exercise, everything moves from center, working the abs for strength and endurance.

Double Straight Leg Lowers - Pilates Mat Exercise
This Pilates mat exercise is a very effective abdominal workout, working both the upper and lower abdominals. Provided that you learn to do it correctly this is an ideal core strength builder. Follow these step by step instructions and learn to protect your back as you get a great abdominal challenge.

Open Leg Balance - Pilates Mat Exercise
Open Leg Balance is one of the best Pilates mat exercises I know testing the strength of the lower abdominals. Core strength is the name of the game here as you will literally lose your balance unless your abdominals are working hard.

Open Leg Rocker - Pilates Mat Exercise
Open Leg Rocker is a rolling exercise that develops core strength as it challenges the strength and control of the abdominal muscles. Open Leg Rocker stimulates the spine and encourages full breathing. These instructions are part of a series of free sample Pilates mat exercises at pilates.about.com.

Seal - Pilates Mat Exercise
Seal is a fun and challenging pilates mat exercise. Seal is quite an abdominal workout in that it is a rolling exercise that requires a lot of core strength in order to control the movement. This is part of the free pilates exercise series at About.com.

Single Leg Stretch - Pilates Mat Exercise
Single Leg Stretch is one of the best Pilates Mat Exercises for working the abdominals. It is an especially good exercise for the lower abdominals. If flat abs. is one of your goals, this exercise is for you.

Single Straight Leg Stretch - Pilates Mat Exercise
This Pilates mat exercise really works the endurance of the abdominals, and gives a great stretch to the hamstrings. It can be modified for different levels. Single Straight Leg Stretch is part of the free Pilates mat exercise series.

Supported Roll Back
Supported Roll Back makes a perfect warm up for the abdominals and spine. It is also one of the best exercises for figuring out how to use your abdominal muscles in Pilates. The support of the hands behind the knees also allows one experiment with how the abs are engaging, and the amount of challenge they take on at different points in the sequence.

Teaser with One Leg
Teaser is a fabulous core strength builder. It requires strength, stamina, control, balance, breath and fluidity - all the things we admire in a Pilates exercise. Teaser with One Leg is a modified version.

The Hundered - Pilates Mat Exercise
The Hundred is a classic Pilates Exercise. It builds strength, stamina and coordination. One must use the breath and really activate the powerhouse at the same time.

The Roll Up - Pilates Mat Exercise
The Roll Up is one of the classic Pilates Mat exercises. Roll Up is a great challenge for the abdominal muscles, and is well known as a foundation exercise for the Pilates flat abs effect. It has been said that one Pilates roll up is equal to six regular sit ups, and is much better than crunches for creating a flat stomach.

5 Ways to Do Your Best Ab Workouts
Learn to make your ab workouts more effective. Here are 5 important tips on how to get healthy, flat abs. Includes lots of sample Pilates exercises for abdominal muscles and core training.

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