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Photos from the PMA Conference 2010

A Journal from Pilates Method Alliance Classes and Expo Hall


Updated November 17, 2010

The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) celebrated held its 10th international educational conference in Long Beach, CA in Nov. 2010. It was a power-packed weekend. There were classes with talented, insightful instructors representing a wide range of perspectives about Pilates. There were industry meetings and parties. There was an expo hall full of the latest in Pilates equipment, clothing, and educational resources. And Yours truly was there.

Here is a photo journal I've put together sharing some my experience at the PMA. You can also read more in my blogs: Reporting from the PMA and Post PMA - Notes and Quotes

I often add notes about the people or products featured at the bottom of the pages, as well as my own musings, so don't miss those.

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long beach convention centerEnter the PMA Educational Conferencepilates kathy grantKathleen Stanford Grant Honored at the Opening Assemblypilates exerciseCarrying on Kathy Grant's LegacyRael IsacowitzRael Isacowitz on the Pilates Chair
pilates chair Swan Dive on the Pilates ChairstretchWendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle - the Body Mind Connectiongratz pilatesGratz Pilates Equipment Lolita San MiguelLolita San Miguel with Marguerite Ogle
balanced body orbitExit the Expo on the Orbit from Balanced Body
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