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Beginners DVDs and Videos

Look here to find reviews of Pilates DVDs and videos suitable for beginners.

Mari Winsor's Beginner Pilates DVD
This beginner Pilates DVD from Mari Winsor includes 4 workouts. Read my review.

HomeBody Workout DVD from Jillian Hessel
This combo of dance, yoga, Pilates and light weights is a fun home workout appropriate for beginners.

Review: Form Pilates
The beginner Pilates DVD, Form Pilates, from Lindsay Lopez offers 3 versions of a classical Pilates beginner workout. Read a review.

Review: Prenatal Pilates with Dale Shea
Follow along with up-tempo workouts during pregnancy with a Prenatal Pilates DVD from Dale Shea.

DVD Reviews: The Balanced Body Pilates Pro at Home Series
Read a review of these detailed beginner Pilates DVDs from Balanced Body. Topics include core, posture, abs, the upper body and flexibility.

Pilates DVDs - Review of Jennifer Kries Beginner Pilates DVD
Based on the classical Pilates workout, this beginner DVD includes and mat and a ring workout.

HomeBody Workout DVD from Jillian Hessel
A combination of dance workout DVD with some Pilates and yoga, the HomeBody DVD from Jillian Hessel includes exercises done on the mat and in a chair as well as standing exercises.

Winsor Pilates Super Sculpting Video - DVD Review
Here I review the Winsor Pilates Super Sculpting DVD package. This weight loss support package includes DVDs with fat burning, body sculpting, and pilates circle workouts. It also includes the Winsor Pilates exercise planner, cookbook, and sculpting circle.

DVD Review: Attitude, Ballet & Pilates Fusion
Read this review of a Ballet and Pilates inspired workout DVD. Two workouts with moves from ballet and Pilates offer strength and flexibility training.

Review - The Secret to Flat Abs. from Stott Pilates
This is a beginner level video that focuses on toning the deep abdominal muscles and back. It has a moderate pace and presents all the great exercises for tone and strength in the torso. This DVD is part of a graduated difficulty level set of DVDs. They include The Secret to Flat Abs, Firm and Fit, Core Challenge and Strong & Streamlined.

Stott Pilates: Walking Pilates Calorie Burning Workout
Stott Pilates has produced a two volume DVD set of indoor walking cardio routines and Pilates exercises intended to support weight loss.

New York Style Pilates Beginners Workout - DVD Review
Are you looking for a good video introduction to Pilates? Read my review of the New York Style Pilates Beginner Workout from Jonathan Urla, creator of Yogilates.

Free Pilates Exercise Video Clips Online
Find the best online Pilates videos. Top choices for Pilates exercises in free online video format.

Pilates for Pregnancy DVD Set
A Review of Pilates for Pregnancy, a set of Pilates DVDs for each trimester of pregnancy as well as postnatal Pilates exercises.

Music CD for Exercise from Power Pilates
Here I review a Music CD produced for Pilates. Power Pilates is an eclectic blend of tribal and techno music with a driving, but not overwhelming beat. This CD works quite well as an accompaniment for a strong workout.

Pilates DVD Review: Beyond Kegels
Kegel exercises are one way to do pelvic floor exercises, but with the Beyond Kegels DVD, you will learn many other pelvic floor exercises done with a Pilates magic circle.

Pilates DVD Review: Sexy Body Workout 1, Pilates with Weights
Pilates DVD review of Sexy Body Workout - Pilates with Weights from Jonathan Urla, founder of Yogilates.

Stott Pilates Breast Cancer Rehab DVD
Learn about exercises for breast cancer recovery. Read a review of the Stott Pilates DVD Pilates for Breast Cancer Rehab with toning balls.

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