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Here you will find reviews of Pilates equipment, videos, DVDs, books and clothes, as well as other exercise accessories. You will also find links to online resources for purchasing and getting more information about the products reviewed.
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Before You Buy a Pilates Exercise Mat
There are differences between exercise mats, yoga mats and Pilates mats. This guide will help you choose the right mat.

The Amazing Pilates Reformer
Perhaps the most popular piece of Pilates equipment, the reformer has many benefits. Learn about them here.

Pilates, Fitness and the Exercise Ball
Find out how fitness balls fit into the Pilates picture. Includes ways to use the ball for core strength, Pilates exercises for the ball, and buying tips.

Tip: How to Size Your Exercise Ball
Pilates and other exercises are fun on an exercise ball. Use these tips to make sure your fitness ball is the right size and provides enough stability for the exercises you want to do.

Before You Buy a Pilates Magic Circle
What to know before you by a magic circle - also known as exercise rings, magic rings, and fitness circles.

Buying Exercise Bands for Strength and Stretch
Exercise bands, also known as resistance bands, stretch bands, workout bands or flex bands provide adjustable resistance training for stretch and strength exercises.

Pilates Equipment Buyers' Guide
From clothing to Pilates equipment, books and DVDs, this buyers' guide is designed to help you sort through the variety choices that are available.

Where to Buy Pilates Equipment
Here is a reference list for where to buy Pilates equipment, including Pilates studio equipment like the reformer and chair.

Gifts for the Pilates Student Through Professional
There are so many different kinds of gifts that one can get for the Pilates afficianado. From clothes, to equipment, books and DVDS, it can be difficult to choose. Here are a some recommendations for Pilates related gifts, with links to reviews and buying information.

Small and Affordable Fitness Gifts
Here is a fun collection of affordable fitness gifts just right for anyone you know who is interested in Pilates, yoga, or fitness in general.

The What and How of Foam Rollers
Foam body rollers are used for stretch and strength exercises, as well as for massage and relaxation. Find out how to use and buy foam rollers for Pilates and other exercise.

Pilates Reformer - Why We Love the Pilates Reformer
Readers dish on why they love the Pilates reformer, one of the most popular Pilates machines.

Small Pilates Equipment Gallery
Great pictures of Pilates equipment for the home workout. Exercise balls, resistance bands, and exercise mats are among the pictures in this gallery of small, affordable Pilates exercise equipment.

Readers' Choice Winners: Best Pilates DVD, Reformer, Workout Clothes
The winners announcements for best Pilates DVDs, reformers, and workout clothes in the 2011 Readers' Choice Awards.

The Top Finalists for Best Brand of Workout Clothes
The best workout clothes nominees and winners are here. Find out who won best brand of workout clothes for the Readers' Choice Awards.

Jennifer Kries' DVD Pilates Method Master Trainer Series
Review: Jennifer Kries Pilates DVD: The Master Pilates Instructor Trainer Series. This DVD series covers Pilates instructor training for Pilates mat exercises and Pilates equipment.

Pilates Podcasts: Exercises for Neck and Lower Back
Read reviews of 2 Pilates podcasts from Lynda Lippin. These audio podcasts teach exercises for neck and lower back pain.

Exercise Clothing for Pilates and Yoga - Review - Be Present
Environmentally friendly fabrics and casual, hip styles go a long way toward recommending be present exercise clothes for Pilates or yoga. Read my review.

What Should I Wear Under My Workout Clothes?
Are you wondering what to wear under womens exercise clothes? What about bras, sports bras, and panty lines? Get recommendations and discount tips on what to wear under workout clothing.

Wii Pilates with Daisy Fuentes - Review
Read this review of Daisy Fuentes Wii Pilates before you buy.

The MVe -- The Redesigned Pilates Chair from Peak Pilates
Read a review of the Peak Pilates MVe Pilates chair, a sleek redesign of the classic Pilates chair.

Free Pilates Exercise Video Clips Online
Find the best online Pilates videos. Top choices for Pilates exercises in free online video format.

Book Review: Pilates, by Rael Isacowitz
Book Review - Pilates, Your Complete Guide to Mat Work and Apparatus, by Rael Isakowitz. A wonderful guide to Pilates from one of the masters. This book covers all of the major Pilates exercises for mat and reformer, and includes other equipment as well.

Winsor Super Sculpting Package and DVD Review
Here I review the Mari Winsor Pilates Super Sculpting DVD package. This weight loss support package includes a DVDs with fat burning, body sculpting, and pilates circle workouts. It also includes the Winsor Pilates exercise planner, cookbook, and sculpting circle.

Joseph Pilates' Book, Return to Life Through Contrology
Joseph Pilates' book, Return to Life Through Contrology is essential Pilates reading. In it, Joseph Pilates writes about the philosophy of the Pilates method and gives instructions for Pilates mat exercises, including pictures.

Music CD for Exercise from Power Pilates
Here I review a Music CD produced for Pilates. Power Pilates is an eclectic blend of tribal and techno music with a driving, but not overwhelming beat. This CD works quite well as an accompaniment for a strong workout.

Photo Gallery of Yoga and Pilates Clothes
Here is a fashion gallery of pictures of wonderful exercise clothes for Pilates and Yoga from the 2006 Yoga Journal Conference.

Review - Lucy - Workout Clothes for Pilates and Yoga
Lucy workout clothes are my favorites so far this year, 2007. I am delighted with my new Lucy exercise pants, and found all their clothes to be stylish, comfortable, and easy to travel with.

Review: The Everything Pilates Book
The Everything Pilates book is a great primer on Pilates. It covers all the essentials in a well thought out and easy to read way. There is a little bit of everything here. A great place to start reading about the Pilates Method of Exercise.

DVD Review: Attitude, Ballet & Pilates Fusion
Read this review of a Ballet and Pilates inspired workout DVD. Two workouts with moves from ballet and Pilates offer strength and flexibility training.

Pilates Equipment - What Stores Carry Pilates Equipment
Readers share tips on what stores carry Pilates equipment. Find out what people bought, where they bought it and how they like it.

Nominate Your Pilates Favorites
We have 5 Pilates categories in the 2012 About.com Readers' Choice awards for Pilates. Take a look an make sure your favorites get nominated.

Do you Need Springs to do Pilates?

The Key to Push Ups - Strengthen Your Wrists with an Old School Device
With some simple exercises, you don't have to be afraid of planks or push ups anymore.

Pilates Equipment Made for a Teacher, by a Teacher

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