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Small and Affordable Fitness Gifts

for Pilates, Yoga, and Exercise Lovers


Updated December 24, 2012

As you know, gifts don't have to be big to count. Sometimes, a small, affordable fitness gift is just the little push in the right direction that makes a difference in someones life, or on a lighter note, just brings a smile to their face.

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Workout DVDs

Pilates DVDs
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Giving someone a workout DVD is like giving them a whole series of classes in one little package. What a great way to share a form of exercise that interests you, or to support a friend in something you know they like.

Where to buy: Workout DVDs are available at discount stores such as Target, Wallmart and Tuesday Morning. They are also readily available online, which is where you will find the best selection.

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No Rinse Body Wipes


No, you won't be telling your friend they smell. People love these wipes because they workout and sweat in situations where they can't always take a shower after. It happens all the time so having a body wipe in a packet in gym bag or purse can be a real help. We especially like the all natural ones.

Where to buy:
Look for no rinse body wipes at drugstores, grocery stores, natural food stores and online.

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Exercise Bands

kolesar studios

Everybody likes exercise bands and they are just about the smallest, lightest, cheapest pieces of exercise equipment you can get. We use resistance bands in Pilates and all kinds of fitness settings. Amazing for such a useful item.
Learn about exercise bands, otherwise known as resistance bands.

Where to buy:
You can find resistance bands at some sporting and athletic goods stores, at some large health food stores, and big discount stores as well as online.

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Gift Certificates and Cards

Balanced Body Gift Certificate

Fitness gift certificates and cards are great ways to let someone choose exactly what they want -- even if you did push them in the right direction.

Where to buy:
You can buy them online, at stores and you can go directly to the studio or gym where your friend or family member exercises and pick one up there. Many Pilates and yoga studios make gift certificates available.

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Energy Bars


Festive occasions usually have a lot of sweets around, but it would be much sweeter it there were at least a little nutritional value involved. Protein and energy bars are very helpful pre and post workout snacks for exercisers. If they aren't too sugar-laden they can help maintain blood sugar levels and supplement nutritional elements such as protein, carbs, and vitamins. If one seems too small, consider stacking a few -- maybe a selection of different kinds -- and putting a ribbon around them.

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Where to buy:
Energy and protein bars are widely available at grocery and natural food stores. You can also find them at some sports stores, and online.

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Water Bottle

Reusable Water Bottle
Staying hydrated is important for anyone who exercises. Therefore, a re-usable water bottle is a must-have. Fortunately, water bottles come in all kinds of styles with great colors and patterns on them. You can easily make this a personalized choice. In fact, you can get them personalized.
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Toe Socks

toe socks

Why not start at the bottom and work our way up? Those of us into Pilates and yoga, as well as anyone who workout in a gym setting with bare feet, know that there are times we wish we could have our feet covered and still move like we have bare feet, but with grip. That's what fitness toe socks are for. They are fun, sometimes a little funny, and definitely practical.

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Where to buy: It might be easiest to order these online, but you might also find them at stores the specialize in yoga wear or at shoe stores that sell athletic wear. They also show up in department stores but for Pilates and yoga, you do want the kind that has grip on the bottom.

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