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Great Pilates Gifts

Top Gifts for the Beginner to the Instructor


Updated December 06, 2012

Looking for a Pilates gift? Whether you're looking for clothing, DVDs, or Pilates equipment, I'm here to help. I've put together a list of my top picks for Pilates gifts. There's something here for everyone, beginners to advanced; and for all budgets, from very affordable to a bit extravagant.

Pilates Exercise Mats

Exercise Mats from Bolder Mats
(c)2012, Marguerite Ogle

An appropriate gift for Pilates or yoga students, an exercise mat is a great way to support anyone's exercise routine. There are just a few things to consider before buying an exercise mat specifically for Pilates. Read Before You Buy and Exercise Mat to make sure you know what your options are.

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Pilates DVDs

Pilates DVDs
(c)2012, Marguerite Ogle

DVDs are among the most popular ways of doing Pilates workouts at home. They are affordable, and it's easy to find one that meets specific interests such as beginner pilates or weight loss.

Read reviews of a variety of popular Pilates DVDs for beginning through advanced levels.

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Workout Clothes

sexy workout top
courtesy of Activewear USA
You can't go wrong with good looking workout clothes. New clothes are a great way to inspire someone to workout, too. Pilates and yoga clothing are basically the same. So take a look at the reviews and photo galleries here at pilates.about.com, and then go shopping!

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Exercise Balls

Pilates fitness ball
Marguerite Ogle
Not only are exercise balls fun, they really are good pieces of workout equipment. There are a couple of things you will want to know before you buy a workout ball, read: Read Pilates Fitness and Exercise Balls for more information on buying and working with fitness balls.

For more ball ideas, learn about the Kinds of Exercise Balls

Pilates Books and Magazines

Pilates Books
(c)2012, Marguerite Ogle

Books make great gifts, and there are some wonderful Pilates books available for everyone from a beginner looking for how to, to detailed anatomy for pros.

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A subscription to Pilates Style Magazine is another great option for Pilates readers.

Pilates Magic Circle

Fitness Circle
©Merrithew Health and Fitness
Pilates magic circles -- also known as exercise rings, magic rings, fitness circles -- may be my top choice for small, portable pieces of Pilates equipment. They are traditional pieces of equipment and provide a very good resistance workout. Magic circles are great for toning the abs, arms, butt, legs and torso.

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Online Pilates Class Subscriptions

pilates class online
courtesy of Pilates Anytime
Last but not least, online Pilates classes is an exciting new category. These are paid subscription services that offer full length Pilates classes and specific exercise instructions for mat and equipment workouts. This would be a great "here's the password to your month, or year, of classes" kind of gift.

Portable Pilates Home Reformers

courtesy of Peak Pilates
For those who are ready for a bit more investment, a Pilates reformer for home workouts is gift that will certainly be appreciated.

According to posts in the About.com Pilates Forum, and emails I have received, the AeroPilates reformer is quite popular as a portable home reformer. Several of the professional Pilates equipment manufacturers, such as Peak Pilates, Stott Pilates, and Balanced Body, are making high quality home reformers as well.

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Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes
courtesy of Core Pilates NYC
Many studios offer gift certificates for Pilates classes and private instruction. This is a wonderful way to help someone who has been on the fence about exercise to get in there and give Pilates classes a try. If the person you are gifting already takes Pilates class, a private with her/his favorite instructor will be an especially welcome gift.
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Pilates Studio Equipment

Pilates Equipment
courtesy of Gratz Pilates
Pilates studio equipment is a big-ticket item, but what a wow-factor gift! Before you buy this for someone else, be sure you've got a sense of what they would like and from what company. Everyone should do their comparison shopping.

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