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Pilates for Pregnancy DVD Set

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Updated September 04, 2010

pregnancy and pilates

The Second Trimester DVD

(c)Tasha Lawton

The Bottom Line

This is a well-designed set of Pilates for Pregnancy DVDs. As a series, they take a woman through Pilates routines for each trimester of pregnancy and into the postnatal workout.

The exercises are appropriate for each stage of pregnancy and modified for changing bodies in each DVD. Tasha Lawton teaches with a relaxed, encouraging attitude. The exercises are appropriate for each stage of pregnancy and modified for changing bodies in each DVD. I think these DVDs would be a pleasure to work with throughout a pregnancy.


  • 4 Pilates workouts tailored for each phase of pregnancy, including post natal
  • Exercises are appropriate for each trimester
  • Tasha Lawton is an experienced and engaging instructor
  • Health and safety information is included
  • Will work for beginners as well as those more experienced in Pilates


  • If you need a lot of extras for motivation, this will not satisfy


  • Available as a 4-DVD set or individually

  • Also available as video downloads

  • Individual DVDs or download cost: $14.99

  • Set of 4 DVDs cost: $49.99

  • Workouts are 45 minutes long

Guide Review - Pilates for Pregnancy DVD Set

Pilates and pregnancy are two Ps that go very well together. With the right guidance, Pilates can be done safely throughout pregnancy. Tasha Lawton says on her website, "Pilates is the best form of exercise to get you ready for the birth and for faster recovery on the other side." I agree with her. You can read more about that in my article, Pilates and Pregnancy. But for now, if you are looking for prenatal DVDs to do Pilates with while you are pregnant, I can recommend the Pilates for Pregnancy DVDs from Tasha Lawton.

Something that makes these Pilates for Pregnancy DVDs extra special is that the instructor, Lawton, is pregnant as she teaches. During the routine for each trimester, Tasha is actually in that trimester herself. I would say that you could hardly get more accurate demonstrations of the exercises. She looks great, of course, but I think it is comforting to see the instructor actually navigate the terrain of having a big belly and a big shift in her center of gravity.

These videos are filmed well. You can see the demonstrations and Tasha clearly, but they are done in a very plain setting which might get monotonous for some. On the other hand, I have found that fancy sets wear off after a while. Sometimes, with DVDs that you are going to use regularly, it is nice to have something simple and intimate, like what Tasha Lawton has created here.

Tasha Lawton's Pilates for Pregnancy DVDs do give a good workout while attending to safety concerns of pregnant women. But what stands out for me is that they seem like the kind of workouts that would make for very nice baby and mom time on a regular basis. I appreciate the steady focus in these routines and the way that Tasha throws in just enough levity to keep things going.

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