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Weight Loss Pilates DVD

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Updated August 19, 2009

weight loss pilates

Weight Loss Pilates DVD


The Bottom Line

The two workouts in this int./adv. DVD promote weight loss by getting your heart rate up and building toned muscles. Weight Loss Pilates from Acacia is not for beginners, but those of you with Pilates/fitness training will enjoy the inventive way that Kristen McGee combines cardio and Pilates-based toning moves.
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  • Mix of Cardio and Pilates-based exercises
  • A good overall workout
  • Instructor, Kristen Mcgee, actually does have Pilates training
  • Includes two workouts


  • Cardio portion depends on high impact moves
  • Some exercises are not back-friendly


  • Two 20 minute cardio and Pilates workouts
  • Workouts include warm up and cool down phases
  • Includes a 16 page recipe booklet from Cooking Light.

Guide Review - Weight Loss Pilates DVD

Weight Loss Pilates is my second review of Pilates inspired DVDs from Acacia. Their Pilates Plus DVD left me wondering where the Pilates was, but the Pilates foundation in Kristen McGees' instruction for Weight Loss Pilates is clear.

I like this DVD. I like getting my heart rate up and doing challenging core moves in a mix and match way. The only reason I didn't give it more stars is that I was disappointed in the cardio portion. Not that it doesn't get the heart rate up, it does, but it depends on the kind of high impact aerobic moves that I no longer do. I had to modify all of the jumping sections and there were some percussive twisting and bending moves for the spine that I thought went out along with high impact. There are better choices for getting ones heart rate up - using arms above the heart can help a lot - so I say, take a cue from the cardio moves but modify them for yourself.

Both workouts in Weight Loss Pilates are good full-body workouts. They each have a slightly different focus without losing the core. The first is a little more front-body and the second is a little more back-body (read tone your back and butt). My personal favorite section is a yummy rolling and stretching sequence in the warm ups. But I'm OK with the hard stuff, and it's there. A killer kneeling side leg kick sequence and a side plank set will definitely help keep your heart rate up as you do your toning.

Kristen McGee has a natural charisma that is very appealing. She keeps things moving in such a way that you don't doubt your ability to keep up. This is fusion Pilates oriented toward weight loss so it misses some of the fine points of focused Pilates but it accomplishes what it sets out to do. I think Kristen is right when she says in the DVD that these kind of full body moves really get the metabolism going.

Available through the Acacia online catalog
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