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Pilates with Exercise Bands

While not traditional Pilates equipment, the fitness band has become a popular tool in Pilates workouts. The exercise bands provide exercise resistance.

Resistance Band Exercises for the Upper Body
The resistance band exercise in this upper body workout help tone and sculpt the arms as well as the upper back, chest and shoulders.

What is Your Best Resistance Band Exercise?
Do you have a resistance band exercise you like the best? Share it here.See submissions

Readers' Share Their Best Resistance Band Exercises
Learn new resistance band exercises with this collection of exercise instructions from our Pilates readers. Use these exercises to create your own resistance band workout.See submissions

One Leg Circle with Exercise Band
One Leg Circle is a core strength tester. It tones and stretches the thighs and deepens the engagement of the core stabilizing muscles. Adding the exercise band to this traditional Pilates mat exercise provides more muscular challenge, and body feedback as to how the leg is moving in space.

Standing Hip Abduction Exercise with Resistance Band
This standing exercise with the band strengthens your hips and core.

Lateral Walking Resistanc Band Exercise
This warm up exercise strengthens the glutes and helps stabilize the knee and hip.

Leg Bend and Stretch with Exercise Band - Video
This video shows you how to simulate the Pilates reformer footwork using the exercise band. It works the legs, abs and arms.

Kick Back with Exercise Band - Online Video
This online video demonstrates an excellent exercise for toning the legs, and practicing pelvic and shoulder stability.

Frog with Exercise Band
In this pilates exercise the exercise band simulates the kind of resistance that the reformer usually provides for the footwork. This version of Frog Legs is an all over workout. Adding the upper body, we work the arms, shoulders abdominals and legs.

Buying Exercise Bands for Strength and Stretch
Exercise bands, also known as resistance bands, stretch bands, workout bands or flex bands provide adjustable resistance training for both stretch and strength exercises.

Create your Own Spring-Driven Pilates Workout

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