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Weight Loss and Food

Nutrition and exercise are the keys to weight loss. Find out what foods support healthy exercise and how Pilates supports weight loss.

The Calories and Pilates Equation
Here we look at the factors that influence how many calories are burned in Pilates and how to increase the calories Pilates requires.

Body Cleansing the Pilates Way
Body cleansing is one of the many benefits of the Pilates method as promoted by Joseph Pilates. Learn to get your Pilates internal shower.

Fat Burning Workout Programs and Pilates
Find out how to create a fat burning workout with a combination of cardio and Pilates exercises. This article includes a sample fat burning workout.

What is Fat?
Learn what fat is and how it fits into a healthy diet. We also look at the kinds of fats, how much fat to eat and which foods have healthy fats.

Weight Loss with a Healthy Lifestyle
Sustainable weight loss through healthy lifestyle habits is the best way to lose weight. Get 5 tips on making lifestyle changes you can live with.

How Pilates Supports Weight Loss
Pilates is a great support for weight loss and appearing slimmer. Learn how Pilates can be used in weight loss.

What is Protein?
Since protein is an essential part of a healthy diet, it is important to know what it is, how to get it and how much you need.

Gourmet Food and Fitness
Learn how to combine gourmet food and healthy eating with Vail, CO chef and restaurant owner, Kelly Liken.

Energy, Weight Loss Flexibility with Dr. Jonny Bowden
In this interview with Dr. Jonny Bowden I ask the low carb diets and nutrition expert about weight loss, getting more energy with nutrition, increasing flexibility, exercise and more.

Smoothie Recipes - Readers Give Protein Shake and Smoothie Recipes
Readers are sharing their favorite recipes for workout smoothies and protein shakes.

5 Tips for Weight Loss With Pilates
Weight loss is one of the top reasons people give for doing Pilates. And yes, Pilates exercises are great partners for losing weight. However, how you do your Pilates workouts, and what you combine them with, makes a real weight loss difference. Here are 5 tips for using Pilates to aid weight loss, along with lots of linked in articles to give...

Complex Carbohydrates and Fitness
Knowing what complex carbohydrates are, and the difference between good carbs and bad carbs is one of your best ways to promote optimum nutrition and fitness. Find out how simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates affect nutrition and health in general.

Readers Share Pilates Weight Loss Stories
How to combine weight loss and Pilates. Readers give their tips on how they have used Pilates as part of their weight loss program.

Plus Size Pilates
Plus size and overweight people can certainly do Pilates. Learn how Pilates can benefit people who are overweight and/or plus size.

Reasons Why People Have Flat Stomach Problems
Sometimes abdominal exercises aren't enough. Here are some reasons why you might not be able to pull your abs in and get a flat stomach look.

What Makes a Workout Cardio?
The best workout plans include cardio and moderate strength training. Learn about the cardio part.

Pilates - How to Workout for Weight Loss
You have to keep challenging your body to burn more calories. Here's how varying your Pilates workouts can continued weight loss.

Can I Do Cross Training With Pilates?
Pilates works well as part of a cross training program. Find out how to combine Pilates, cardio, and other exercises in cross training.

Nutrition and Exercise for Natural Fitness and Weight Loss
This interview with exercise, sports nutrition, and natural body building expert, Cory Holly, covers nutrition and exercise with special tips on weight loss and sports nutrition.

Maximize Your Pilates Classes
From choosing a Pilates instructor to deciding what kind of class to do first, here are six ways to make sure that you are getting the most out of your Pilates classes.

Make a Pre-Workout Health Shake
How to make a smoothie with fruit and protein for your pre-workout health shake. Cory Holly, health and fitness expert, gives us his smoothie recipe.

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