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Pilates Rocking Exercise


Updated December 15, 2010

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The Pilates Rocking Position
Pilates Rocking

Start Position for Rocking

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  • Begin lying on your belly with your head turned to one side and your arms along your sides. Take a moment to lengthen your spine and engage your abdominal muscles. Bring your mind to the midline of your body.

  • Keep your head down for now. Bend one knee and and grasp your ankle. Bend the other knee and grasp that ankle.

  • As much as possible you will keep your legs parallel throughout the exercise. So you must engage your inner thighs.

  • On an inhale: Press your ankles into your hands as you simultaneously lift your chest and knees away from the mat.

    This is a long back extension with your neck extending through your shoulder girdle as your arms reach back, chest open and face forward.

    The lift of the legs has to come from an activation of the back of the leg, especially where the back of the leg and buttock come together. Don't just pull on your knees.

    Feel that there is lengthening of the front and back body that creates an arc because you are holding your ankles - this exercise is not a back cruncher! Your lifted abs also protect your low back.

  • Ready to rock? See page 2
    If not, see below:

Just getting into Pilates rocking position is an advanced exercise. If it feels delicious, great. If not, this may be as far as you want to go.

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