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DVD Review: Accelerated Pilates with Resistance Band


Updated November 28, 2012

Accelerated Pilates DVD

Lisa Hubbard's Pilates DVD, Total Body Pilates with Mini Ball, won the About.com Readers' Choice Award for best Pilates DVD for beginners. Those who liked that DVD are sure to give a thumbs up to Accelerated Pilates with Resistance Band too, as will many people looking to add some variety to their home workouts.

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Guide Review:

Lisa Hubbard is the founder of Rhythm Pilates and a senior faculty member at BASI Pilates. In addition to her Pilates with mini ball DVD, she has been featured in several other Pilates DVDs and books. So you are in good hands here with a Pilates fusion workout that actually has a connection to Pilates.

Accelerated Pilates with Resistance Band is what I think of as a "straight workout" DVD because it does not include a lot of extra teaching about Pilates. Lisa does not pause between exercises to give extra tips, nor are there special sections added that teach Pilates. I enjoy having some DVDs that go straight through a workout with flow, as we say in Pilates. There are good exercise instructions, and plenty of them in the short span of each exercise, it's just that you need to come to this workout with some understanding of Pilates movement fundamentals and the Pilates principles.

Resistance band exercises are great for toning the body because the using the resistance band promotes eccentric muscle contractions which are the kind that lengthen and strengthen muscles at the same time. It also gives you a kind of feedback into your core that will help you build strength and body awareness. You get a nice resistance band with the DVD.

Of course, resistance band benefits have a lot to do with what exercises you do, how they are taught, and the overall connectedness of the workout. I think the 30 minute workout in Accelerated Pilates with Resistance Band fits the bill well. The 30 minute workout is a balanced, and inventive, full-body workout with a good combination of stretch and strength exercises that takes full advantage of the resistance band. Many of the exercises are quite ingenious. If you haven't done a lot of work with resistance bands, this short workout will clue you into the quick toning effects they can have.

The verbal exercise instructions are clear and easy to follow as are Lisa's exercise demonstrations. The band does make exercises a little more challenging than they would be without. That is what accounts for the "accelerated" part of the DVD title. It's not very advanced or exceptionally fast as you might think. Some of the exercises in Accelerated Pilates with Resistance Band do remind me of Pilates equipment exercises. However I will say there were a few places where I thought the analogie made in the DVD between an exercise and a Pilates equipment exercise was a bit of stretch (yes, a chronic punster) but that didn't take away from the exercise. I really don't need a resistance band exercise to mimic the equipment exercises exactly as long as they take me into a Pilates style of movement. And they did do that.

It is best to do a full-body workout whenever you can, so the 30 minute workout is primary. However, if you are out of time and just need to get at those abs, the ten minute bonus ab workout will do it. I add the ab workout to the 30 minute workout -- that's what makes me feel "accelerated". I found both workouts to be challenging enough, interesting, and definitely relevant to a Pilates practice.

    DVD Box Includes:
  • 30 minute full body workout
  • 10 minute ab workout
  • 1 resistance band
List Price: $16.98

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