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Pilates Magic Circle

Here are free Pilates magic circle exercises, as well as information on magic circles. The Magic circles, also known as fitness circle, workout ring, exercise ring, etc., add light resistance to pilates exercises and help target specific muscle groups. They are often used to help tone the arms and thighs, and increase the core strength challenge of an exercise.

Open Leg Balance with Exercise Circle
Add the exercise circle to this basic Pilates exercise for more inner thigh toning and a good test for your balance and core.

Side-Lying Leg Press with Pilates Magic Circle
Side-Lying leg press is a Pilates magic circle exercise that is an excellent thigh exercise with a special emphasis on the inner thighs. It will also tone your glutes, abs and back.

Upper Body Toning Set with the Pilates Ring
The Pilates magic circle offers some of the best arm, chest, and shoulder toning exercises. This is a simple set of exercises that works all parts of the upper body.

Standing Leg Press with the Pilates Ring (magic circle)
This is a standing Pilates exercises that targets the inner thighs, along with working the hips and abs.

Learn Two Pelvic Floor Exercises
Learn two pelvic floor exercises with the magic circle from Pilates instructor Marie Monahan. Marie created the DVD, Beyond Kegels using Pilates exercises.

Straight Arms - Pilates with Magic Circle
Use the Pilates Magic Circle for this simple resistance exercise that tones the shoulders, arms and chest. Straight Arm Press is also an excellent way to test your scapular stabilization, and put your core strength to work as you keep your torso stable while exercising the arms.

Arms Back - Pilates with Magic Circle
Open your chest, strengthen your back and work your upper arms with this standing Pilates magic circle exercise.

Do Roll Up with the Pilates Ring
Roll up is a great classic Pilates exercise. It works the abs like nothing else. Add the Pilates ring, or magic circle, to the exercise and learn even more from roll up.

Workout with Exercise Ball and Pilates Ring
Learn a Pilates workout with the exercise ball and Pilates ring. This workout will tone your whole body, including your abs, inner thighs, and arms.

Straight Arm Floor Press with the Magic Circle
This Pilates Magic Circle exercise is a wonderful all-in-one for the arms, the abdominals and the back.

Before You Buy a Magic Circle
Due to their popularity, there is a confusing array of brands and styles of magic circles available. If you are thinking of buying a magic circle, alias fitness circle, exercise ring, workout ring, etc., review this brief Magic Circle Buyers Guide for some insight into what to know and look for before you buy.

Rainbow - Pilates with Magic Circle
Rainbow is a Pilates mat exercise that targets the hips and thighs, especially the inner and outer thigh. Lying on your side will require a good bit of core strength and stabilization effort from the abdominals as well. You can do Rainbow with, or without, a magic circle.

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