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Pilates Classes

Are you ready to take a Pilates class? Here is a wealth of information about the different kinds of Pilates classes and what to expect from them.

Pilates Classes for Beginners
Get the 101 info on Pilates classes such as what the different kinds are and what to expect when you go.

Here are 5 real reasons you need Pilates mat classes. Take them at a studio...
Pilates mat classes may be your best choice for Pilates training. Here are 5 reasons why.

How to Find Pilates Classes
6 quick tips for finding Pilates classes wherever you are.

Join Our Online Pilates Studio Tour
If you wonder what a Pilates studio looks like inside, here is a tour of Pilates studios with photos sent in by our readers. See submissions

Top Ways to Learn Pilates
From private instruction to group classes, books, DVDs, and even online instruction there are lots of ways to learn Pilates. Here is an introduction to some popular ways of going about learning Pilates.

What is a Pilates Master Instructor?
You might wonder if you need to take classes with a master instructor.

Pilates Clothing - What to Wear for Pilates - Pilates and Yoga Workout Clothing
Here is the information you need if you are not sure what to wear to a Pilates class.

The Best Pilates Classes Online
Find the best Pilates classes online with this list of sites offering beginner through advanced classes as well as Pilates equipment classes.

8 Tips for Choosing Your Pilates Instructor
Finding a Pilates teacher who is knowledgeable, and can instruct you clearly in the Pilates exercise basics, is very important. Here are some guidelines for choosing a Pilates instructor.

Preparing for Your First Pilates Class
What you want to know to prepare to take a beginning Pilates Class. What to wear, what to bring, and what to expect at a Pilates studio.

Etiquette for Pilates Classes
Usually Pilates classes hum along without much trouble and it's not hard to figure out what the standards are at a studio. So don't worry,

Readers Respond: Pilates Class Dos and Don'ts
Readers tell what drives them crazy at Pilates class. Learn the dos and don'ts at Pilates classes from Pilates teachers and students.

Reader Stories: My First Pilates Class
Readers fondly, or not so fondly, tell the stories of their first Pilates classes.

Why You Need a Real, Live Pilates Instructor
Pilates DVDs and online exercises are great but you still need a real, live Pilates instructor. Find out why.

Maximize Your Pilates Classes
From choosing a Pilates instructor to deciding what kind of class to do first, here are seven ways to make sure that you are getting the most out of your Pilates classes.

Pilates Classes Can Be Affordable
Some of us have to be a little creative to afford as many Pilates classes as we want to do. Here are some of my top cost cutting tips for making Pilates classes more affordable.

Do You Remember Your First Pilates Class?
Do you remember your first Pilates classes? Share you story and read others about that first Pilates class. See submissions

Do you Need Springs to do Pilates?

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