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Workout Clothing for Pilates

Find reviews of exercise clothing designed for Pilates and yoga. This section includes reviews of workout clothes for women and for men, as well as a photo gallery of Pilates clothing.

What do I Wear to Do Pilates?
Don't let wondering what to wear to a Pilates class stop you from going. Pilates clothing is an easy subject. Read this short article for the inside scoop on Pilates attire.

The Top Finalists for Best Brand of Workout Clothes
Find out who the winner and finalists were for Best Workout Clothes in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2011.

Review: Lululemon Athletica - Workout Clothes for Pilates and Yoga
Read a review of Lululemon yoga and Pilates workout clothes for men and women. Reviews can help you find great exercise clothing for men and women.

Review - Lucy - Workout Clothes for Pilates and Yoga
Lucy workout clothes are my favorites so far this year, 2007. I am delighted with my new Lucy exercise pants, and found all their clothes to be stylish, comfortable, and easy to travel with.

Review: Lucy Perfect Core Workout Clothes
A review of the body-shaping Perfect Core workout clothes from Lucy.

Review: PrAna Clothing for Yoga and Pilates
Read a review of the PrAna line of Pilates and yoga workout clothing. This review focuses on classic pieces for a Pilates wardrobe.

Review - Be Present - Clothing for Pilates and Yoga
Environmentally friendly fabrics and casual, hip styles go a long way toward recommending be present exercise clothes for Pilates or yoga. Read my review.

Find the Best Pilates and Yoga Pants for You
Find the best Pilates and yoga pants for you. 5 things women want in workout pants and how to find them.

Review: the Breezy Sweater from Gaiam
A stylish workout clothing cover-up can be useful. Read this review of the Breezy sweater from Gaiam.

Review - Margarita - Bold Women's Activewear
This review is about activewear for women that is stylish, colorful, and maybe a little sexy. If you are looking to jazz up your workout clothes this might be the place for you.

Review: Abi and Joseph - Unique Women's Workout Clothes
Looking for stylish, maybe even elegant, women's workout clothes? Read this review of Pilates workout clothing from Abi and Joseph.

Review: Racerback Tank Top
This racerback tank will appeal to many with its simple, elegant styling. Read this review to see if it fits your needs.

Review: Yoga Hyde Pilates and Yoga Workout Clothes
Read a review of the mostly organic cotton workout clothing from Hyde.

Review: Cotton Womens Workout Pant from Beckons
A womens cotton workout pant that is stylish and comfortable can be hard to find. Read this review of the Wisdom Fold Over Pant from Beckons. Made of organic cotton, this is an unusually comfortable workout pant for Pilates or yoga.

Review: YogaFit for Pilates and Yoga
Yoga Fit makes a line of affordable workout clothes for yoga and Pilates. Read my review.

Review:Fila Exercise Clothes, Personal Performance Line
Fila has a new line of exercise clothes called personal performance. Read a review of this line of workout pants and tops which is directed toward the Pilates and yoga practitioners.

Review: Resort Pilates and Yoga Pant from be present
If you like organic cotton workout clothing, read this review of the Resort Pilates or yoga pant from be present.

Review: The Toning Workout Pant from Fila
The Toning workout pant from Fila is part of a new trend in workout clothes to make them do more to be slimming. Read my review:

What Should I Wear Under My Workout Clothes?
Are you wondering what to wear under womens exercise clothes? What about bras, sports bras, and panty lines? Get recommendations and discount tips on what to wear under workout clothing.

Pilates and Yoga Clothes Gallery 2009 Yoga Journal Conference
This photo gallery of Pilates and yoga clothes from the Yoga Journal conference 2009 shows stylish and trendy workout clothing from brands like Lululemon, Lucy, and be present.

Pilates and Yoga Clothes, Mats, and Gym Bags
At the Yoga Journal Conference 2012, our Guide to Pilates picked her favorite yoga and Pilates clothes, bags and mats.

Review: ToeSox
Toe Socks are fun. Add a non skid sock to socks with toes and you have functional fun. Read this review of toe socks made by ToeSox.

Review: The Shu - No Slip Shoes for Pilates or Yoga
The Shu is a non-slip shoe for Pilates and yoga that is as flexible as a sock. Read my review.

Review: Pilates Glove from Anabel Fitness
A review of non-slip Pilates gloves from from Anabel Fitness. These gloves can be used for Pilates or yoga.

Yoga and Pilates Clothing - Photo Gallery- Yoga Journal Conference 2006
Here is a fashion gallery of pictures of wonderful exercise clothes for Pilates and Yoga from the 2006 Yoga Journal Conference.

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