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Review: Toe Socks from ToeSox

Non Skid Socks for Yoga and Pilates


Updated December 17, 2010

Toe Socks

Non Skid ToeSox

courtesy of ToeSox

Yoga and Pilates are famously barefoot workouts, so you might wonder why you would wear toe socks to do them? The first obvious answer: We wear socks when our feet are cold, or we want to protect our feet from a surface, or a surface from our feet.

Then, there are the sleeves for each toe. Unusual looking? Yes. Hard to get used to? Briefly. But individuality is good for your toes. They should be able to function independently as you move and a little separation between them is healthy. I actually like the separated toes. I have worn mine to workout in, and I have worn them with shoes - all day, and it feels fine. The non slip element you get with the grip on ToeSox is really important for Pilates or yoga because the last thing you want to do is slip as you exercise with socks on. They do make toe socks without the non skid sole but you need the grip. It doesn't get in your way or stifle movement.

So far, ToeSox are my favorite non-slip socks. About.com's guide to yoga has given them a thumbs up review too. They are very form-fitting and I feel more secure in them than I do in just plain non slip socks. I also appreciate that ToeSox are made from mostly organic cotton. The non-slip, combined with the toe separation, combined with the stripes and bright colors makes ToeSox fun and functional. Fun - as in I crack up every time I look at my feet!

Full ToeSox with Grip: $15.00

  • Sizes: XXS - XL
  • Colors and Stripes
  • Full or Half Toe
  • Grip or No Grip

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