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Pilates Equipment Workouts on DVD and Online Video

These Pilates workouts on DVD and online video feature exercises with Pilates equipment like the Pilates ring, stability ball, and exercise band.

BoneSmart Pilates DVD Review
Simple props like resistance bands and mini balls help you get a Pilates workout with osteoporosis safe exercises.

DVD Review: Accelerated Pilates with Resistance Band
This full body workout DVD features the resistance band. It includes, a ten minute ab workout.

Winsor Pilates Slimming Pilates DVDs and Accelerator
The Slimming Pilates package form Winsor Pilates is a weight loss and body toning package that includes several DVDs and the Accelerator, a piece of equipment designed with a stretch band and exercise bar.

Athletic Conditioning with Fitness Circle
This is an interesting workout that uses the Pilates fitness circle in an athletic conditioning routine. Find out why I like it.

Pilates DVD Review: Sexy Body Workout 1, Pilates with Weights
Pilates DVD review of Sexy Body Workout - Pilates with Weights from Jonathan Urla, founder of Yogilates.

Pilates Ring and Foam Roller Workouts on MP3
This Pilates MP3 download gives you a Pilates ring workout that activate core muscles and tone the arms and butt. Foam roller exercises teach stability, stretch, and massage with the foam roller.

Pilates Circle Challenge - Bernadette Giorgi
Read a review of Bernadette Giori's, The Pilates Circle Challenge, a Pilates fusion DVD at an intermediate level.

Pilates Workouts on DVD from Peak Pilates' MVe Series
The MVe series of Pilates DVDs from Peak Pilates cover Pilates chair and reformer workouts from the beginner to instructor level.

Review: Stott Pilates Power Paced Fitness Circle DVD
Read a review of the Stott Pilates Power Paced Fitness Circle DVD. This is an intermediate level workout with good exercises for the arms, butt and thighs, as well as the essential Pilates focus on the core.

Winsor Pilates Super Sculpting - DVD Review
Here I review the Winsor Pilates Super Sculpting DVD package. This weight loss support package includes DVDs with fat burning, body sculpting, and pilates circle workouts. It also includes the Winsor Pilates exercise planner, cookbook, and sculpting circle.

New Body Pilates DVD - Beginner Mat and Circle Workouts with Jennifer Kries
Read this review of the New Body! Beginner Pilates DVD from Jennifer Kries. With a mat workout and a magic circle workout, this beginner Pilates DVD might be right for you.

DVD Review: Attitude, Ballet & Pilates Fusion
Read this review of a Ballet and Pilates inspired workout DVD. Two workouts with moves from ballet and Pilates offer strength and flexibility training.

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