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Reviews and information about Pilates equipment like the reformer, magic circles, exercise bands, Pilates mats, exercise balls and more
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Home Circuit Workout with Ball, Band and Ring
Here is a very effective way to use your band, ball and Pilates ring at home. This workout keeps the core working and includes arm and leg toning exercises as well.

The Many Kinds of Exercise Balls
This article shows the different kinds of exercise balls and discusses how they are used in workouts. Includes links to exercise ball exercises and buying exercise balls.

Small and Affordable Fitness Gifts
Get ideas for affordable fitness gifts you can give anyone if your life who is interested in Pilates, yoga or fitness in general.

A Pilates Equipment Buyers' Guide
From clothing to Pilates equipment, books and DVDs, this buyers' guide is designed to help you sort through the variety choices that are available.

Before You Buy a Pilates Exercise Mat
There are differences between exercise mats, yoga mats and Pilates mats. This guide will help you choose the right mat.

Pilates and Yoga Clothes, Mats, and Gym Bags
We went looking for the best mats, gym bags and clothes at the Yoga Journal Conference in 2012.

Lower Body Workout Challenge on the Pilates Chair
Learn this Pilates chair lower body workout in step by step photos. Taught by Pilates instructor Kevin Bowen.

Pilates Exercise Mat Reviews
Use these Pilates mat reviews to help you decide which Pilates mat to buy.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards for Best in Pilates
Find out what products our readers voted best Pilates reformer, books, DVDs and Pilates chair in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

Before You Buy a Pilates Magic Circle
What to know before you by a magic circle - also known as exercise rings, magic rings, and fitness circles.

Pilates, Fitness and the Exercise Ball
Find out how fitness balls fit into the Pilates picture. Includes ways to use the ball for core strength, Pilates exercises for the ball, and buying tips.

Tip: How to Size Your Exercise Ball
Use these tips to make sure your fitness ball is the right size and provides enough stability for the exercises you want to do.

The Amazing Pilates Reformer
Exercise with the Pilates reformer is one of the best ways to train your body. Find out why.

Intro to the Pilates Chair
The Pilates chair, also called the wunda chair and the low chair, has been getting a new look, moving into the mainstream and losing its status as one of the "mysterious" Pilates machines.

Pilates Step Barrel Workout
Learn a Pilates step barrel routine from Rael Isacowitz. This sequence includes exercises based on Pilates mat exercises.

Building Pilates Equipment and Promoting the Industry
Learn about the thinking behind one of Pilates largest equipment and training companies, Balanced Body, Inc. in this interview with its president, Ken Endelman.

Best Portable Pilates Reformers for Home Workouts
What do you think is the best Pilates reformer for home workouts? Vote here.

What is the Best Pilates Chair?
Which Pilates chair do you think is best. Nominate your favorite here.

The What and How of Foam Rollers
Foam body rollers are used for stretch and strength exercises, as well as for massage and relaxation. Find out how to use and buy foam rollers for Pilates and other exercise.

A Review of The PilatesStick
Read a review of the Pilates Stick (pilatesStick) and the DVDs that come with it. The PilatesStick, endorsed by Winsor Pilates, is a new development in Pilates equipment for the home workout.

Pilates Studio Tour Online
Take our online Pilates studio tour and see all the different ways that Pilates studios get set up.See submissions

Where to Buy Studio Pilates Equipment - reformers, chairs and more
When it's time to buy the big Pilates equipment -- reformers, chairs and such -- it pays to know what is available and where. Here is a source list of Pilates equipment retail manufacturers.

Pilates Reformer Exercise - Climb a Tree
Learn the Pilates reformer exercise climb a tree.

Buying Exercise Bands for Strength and Stretch
Exercise bands, also known as resistance bands, stretch bands, workout bands or flex bands provide adjustable resistance training for stretch and strength exercises.

Pilates Equipment for Foot Exercises
Here we have an introduction to two pieces of foot strengthening equipment, the foot corrector and the toe exerciser, which Joseph Pilates invented.

Affordable Pilates Equipment - Buying on a Budget
Looking for Pilates home exercise equipment on a budget? I bet you've already found that the significant pieces of large Pilates equipment are quite expensive. But there is hope.

Alternatives in Pilates Exercise Equipment
Learn about five types of new and different Pilates exercise equipment that add variety and new ways to learn to your home and studio Pilates workouts.

Tower on the Go from Balanced Body
Read a workout equipment review of Tower on the Go, the portable Pilates tower from Balanced Body.

Best Pilates Reformer - 2011 Readers' Choice Awards
Find out who the finalists for best Pilates reformer were in the 2011 Pilates Readers' Choice Awards.

Large Pilates Equipment on a Budget
Affordable versions of the Pilates reformer, Pilates chair, and Pilates tower can be found for much less studio-grade equipment prices.

Pilates Reformer - The Parts of a Pilates Reformer
Learn all about the Pilates Reformer.

Lg. Pilates Equipment in Pictures
This gallery of Pilates equipment pictures will show you all the major Pilates machines used in Pilates equipment exercises.

Small Pilates Equipment Gallery
Great pictures of Pilates equipment for the home workout. Exercise balls, resistance bands, and exercise mats are among the pictures in this gallery of small, affordable Pilates exercise equipment.

Review: Stretch-eze band and Pain Free Pilates DVD
Read about the Stretch-eze band, and the Pain Free Pilates DVD. The Stretch-eze band gives support for Pilates exercises that are difficult for some people.

Malibu Pilates Chair - What Do You Know? - a blog
Read the comments on this blog. They will give you a lot of insight into the Malibu Pilates Chair phenomenon.

Tour a Pilates Equipment Manufacturer
Do you know where Pilates equipment comes from? Take a tour of a Root manufacturing and learn about how Pilates machines, like reformers, are built.

Top Pilates on DVD - Reviews and Guide Picks
A Pilates DVD buyers guide. Get tips on the Best Pilates DVDs for you.

The Real Alignment Pilates Mat
This unique pilates mat has an attractive design on it that serves as a visual aid for your alignment as you do yoga or Pilates exercises. It is designed by Alycea Ungaro author of Pilates Body in Motion and founder of Real Pilates NYC. Read this review.

Review: The Tye4® - Balance and Resistance Training
The Tye4 is a small piece of resistance training equipment that is worn on the body. Originally developed for standing Pilates exercises, it helps improve balance and posture.

Reversible Eco Pilates and Yoga Mats from Gaiam
Read a review of the non toxic Pilates and yoga mats from Gaiam. This exercise mat gets kudos for being latex free and made from recycled material, it also has some weaknesses you should know about.

Review - The MVe Pilates Chair from Peak Pilates
Read a review of the Peak Pilates MVe Pilates chair, a sleek redesign of the classic Pilates chair.

Readers Share Reviews of Pilates Home Workout Equipment
Readers share what home exercise equipment they use and why. Learn about Pilates equipment and how to use it for home exercise. Do you have equipment at home? Tell us about it.

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