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So Who Builds Pilates Machines?

Tour Root Manufacturing, a Pilates Equipment Company


Updated July 19, 2010

The day I accompanied a friend to pick up her new Pilates reformers at Root Manufacturing in Colorado was a big eye-opener for me. Before that, I had bought Pilates equipment, but I never thought much about how Pilates machines actually came into the world. It turns out they don't appear out of thin air after all. There are fascinating factories where people painstakingly build Pilates reformers, chairs, and equipment.

After that first visit to Root Manufacturing, where I was amazed to see all that went into making Pilates equipment, I made up my mind that I had to go back there and get pictures to share a little of the magic with you.

An experienced woodworker, Vic Hart is the owner and founder of Root Manufacturing. Root is an environmentally conscious company devoted to crafting Pilates equipment sustainably, and with the sensibilities of the fine craftsman. Come with me as Vic gives us a tour.....

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