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2012 Readers' Choice Awards for Best in Pilates


Updated July 17, 2014

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Best Pilates DVD - Beginners: Total Body Pilates with Mini Ball - Lisa Hubbard
best beginner pilates dvd

Winner Best Beginner Pilates DVD

Anchor Bay Entertainment/Lisa Hubbard

The voting for the Best Pilates DVDs was enthusiastic to say the least. In each of our three categories - best beginner, intermediate and advanced DVDs - the winners were way out in front.

Our winner for best beginner Pilates DVD, Total Body Pilates with Mini Ball from Lisa Hubbard, got a great review here at Pilates.About.com. It was a big winner with our readers as well. There are two very good, flowing workouts here that your guide was expecting to win for best intermediate DVD (take note all levels). The mini ball comes in the package and is used to good effect in the Pilates mat exercise-based routines.

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