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2012 Readers' Choice Awards for Best in Pilates


Updated October 10, 2012

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Best Pilates DVD - Intermediate: Pilates for Buff Bones - Rebekah Rotstein
best pilates dvd intermediate

Winner Best Intermediate Pilates DVD

Rebekah Rotstein
Pilates for Buff Bones from Rebekah Rotstein won a five-star review here at Pilates.About.com. Our readers made it clear that they agree. While the Pilates for Buff Bones workout is safe for those with osteoporosis and is focused on bone-strengthening exercises, it's a great workout for all - beginners, too. The DVD includes a section on bone health, tips on safety and form, as well as some of Rebekah's personal story of being diagnosed with osteoporosis.

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Read Pilates and Exercise for Osteoporosis, an interview with Rebekah Rotstein

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