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Pilates Instructors Demonstrate Advanced Pilates Moves


Updated July 07, 2012

You don't have to do the moves in the gallery below to get the tremendous benefit from Pilates exercise, but they could be something to aim for!

The exercises demonstrated here demand exceptional core strength and control. For those of you not familiar with the Pilates reformer, your appreciation may grow to know that some of our models are not only holding themselves aloft in amazing poses, but they are also keeping the bed of the reformer from sliding out from under them. Similarly, hanging from a strap on the Pilates cadillac, as Ray Kurshals is demonstrating, is more difficult than hanging from a steady bar due to the instability factor. Stability challenges are one of the ways that we make Pilates exercises more difficult.

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pilates picturesChin Up with Leg CirclesRay Kurshal's Funky Chicken on the Pilates CadillacInverted Hanging Scissors on the Pilates CadillacLara Kolesar on the Reformer
Snake and Twist on the Reformerpilates picturesSide Sit Ups on the Reformer with Boxpilates photoTeaser on the Pilates Wunda Chaircore pilatesPull Ups on the Cadillac
Stretch on Ladder BarrelGrasshopper on the Ladder BarrelPilates Mat ExerciseSide Twist on the MatInverted Split on the Cadillac
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