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Exercise Instructions for 3 Pilates Plank Variations


Updated February 07, 2011

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Side Plank Exercise Instructions Continued
Side Plank

Side Plank Position

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  1. On an inhale, press into the supporting arm and extend your legs to lift your pelvis away from the mat. Take your body into a long line.

    Feel support from your abs, from under the supporting side, and from your back (especially your latissimus area).

    Squeeze the tops of your legs together. Think of pulling your sit bones together. This will give you more support from the pelvic floor.

    Make sure you are stacked vertically so that your shoulders are one on top the other, as are your hips.

  2. Your top arm can remain along your side or you can extend it toward the ceiling as is pictured.

  3. smile.

  4. Hold a few seconds, or a few breaths if you are strong. If you start to sag, take a break. There is no point in holding a position with poor form.
Congratulations for trying side plank! Now take it into a full side stretch or try kneeling side kick and see how they are related.
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