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The Pilates Roll Up Exercise Instructions in Detail


Updated January 09, 2013

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pilates roll up

exhale to continue the roll up

courteys of Kolesar Studios

Deepen the scoop of the abdominals as you exhale. Knit your ribs together in front, and in one smooth motion, roll your body in an "up and over" motion toward your toes.
Your gaze will be down as you keep your head in line with the curve of the spine. Your shoulders stay down with the scapula settled on the back.

While you are curving your whole spine from both ends, do not tuck your pelvis too much here. That will make it hard to get up, and make your feet fly up instead of your upper body.

Reach for your toes. Keep your form: Your legs are straight, your abs are pulled in, your spine is long, your chest is open and your shoulders are down (not slammed down, just down).

It is an acceptable modification to allow the legs to bend slightly.

This is the point where some people have trouble with their feet flying up. If this is an issue for you, please see Master the Roll Up Tips. If possible, train with a mat that has an ankle strap.

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