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Pilates on the Exercise Ball

Pilates exercises done on the exercise ball create a core strength and stability challenge.

Hip Opening with the Exercise Ball
Tone the inner thighs and work the deep hip muscles that turn the legs outward with this easy exercise ball exercise.

Easy Exercise Ball Workout
This easy exercise ball workout is great for beginners or as a warm-up. It includes beginner exercises that increase flexibility and strength.

Swan and Swim with Exercise Ball
This exercise on the exercise ball is about learning to fully embody movement through the domes of uplift. Moving with enhanced awareness will improve all of your workouts and daily life.

Hip Stretch with Exercise Ball and Wall
Stretch your thigh and open your hips with this exercise done with the exercise ball against a wall. This exercise also offers a balance and strength challenge.

Oblique Muscle Exercise - Roll Back and Twist
This exercise uses a small weighted toning ball in the hands to help focus the work in the oblique muscles.

The Many Kinds of Exercise Balls
Find the right exercise ball for the workout you want to do. This article shows the different types of exercise balls. It includes links to exercise ball exercises and to comparison buying.

3 Upper Back and Shoulder Stretches On the Exercise Ball
The shoulder stretches and upper back exercises shown here are ideal warm ups for exercise ball workouts . They are also great exercises to do at your desk to help ease tension your upper back and shoulders. Sitting on the ball just adds a little extra core stability challenge, but you can put your mind to it and stabilize your core at...

Workout with Pilates Ball Exercises
This routine is a balanced, full body workout with Pilates ball exercises.

Knee Folds on the Exercise Ball
A fundamental Pilates exercise done on the ball adds a core strength and balance challenge. Try knee folds on the fitness ball.

Chest Lift on the Exercise Ball
Pilates exercises done on a ball create additional core strength and stability challenges. Try chest lift on the ball to enhance the ab workout you get with chest lift on the mat.

Pilates Bridge Exercise with Medicine Ball
This bridge exercise adds challenge with the medicine ball or toning balls.

Bridge On the Exercise Ball
Learn the bridge exercise on the exercise ball. It tones the butt, abdominals, hamstrings and thighs. Pilates exercise ball exercises are fun and help with balance.

Chest Lift with Rotation on the Ball - online video
This video progresses you from chest lift to adding a twisting rotation, and finally a circular rotation.

Plank on the Exercise Ball
Plank on the exercise ball is one of the best ab exercises. These free Pilates exercise instructions for plank on the exercise ball will teach you to make plank one of the best ab exercises you know.

Bridge on the Exercise Ball - online video
Bridge on the ball focuses on the hamstrings and glutes, but requires a lot of core stability to pull off.

Pilates Push Up on the Ball - online video
This free online video teaches gives good detailed instructions for Pilates push up on the ball.

Pike On the Exercise Ball
Pike on the exercise ball targets the abs and the shoulder stabilizers. Learn this and other exercises on the exercise ball.

Workout with Exercise Ball and Pilates Ring
Learn a Pilates workout with the exercise ball and Pilates ring. This workout will tone your whole body, including your abs, inner thighs, and arms.

Roll Over with Exercise Ball
Adding the fitness ball to Pilates' roll over exercise increases the challenge and helps work the inner thigh.

Tip: How to Size Your Exercise Ball
Pilates and other exercises are fun on an exercise ball. Use these tips to make sure your fitness ball is the right size and provides enough stability for the exercises you want to do.

Pilates, Fitness and the Exercise Ball
Find out how fitness balls fit into the Pilates picture. Includes ways to use the ball for core strength, Pilates exercises for the ball, and buying tips.

Back Extension on the Exercise Ball - Online Video
Strengthen and lengthen you back with this core-stability exercise on the Pilates ball.

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