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Fully Embodied Movement: Swan-Swim on the Exercise Ball


Updated November 14, 2012

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Fully Embodied Movement: Swan-Swim on the Exercise Ball
courtesy of Wendy LeBlanc-arbuckle

You might find the instructions for this exercise with the exercise ball to be somewhat unique because the emphasis here is on awakening to the experience of fully embodied movement. This kind of approach to exercise is very much in keeping with the body/mind/spirit integrative aspects of Pilates as exemplified by the Pilates principles; and learning to fully embody the exercises you do will enhance every workout and every daily-life move you make.

The photos and instructions for this exercise come to us from the very popular instructor, Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle. Wendy is the director of the Pilates Center of Austin where she developed a system of body/mind integrative work called the CoreConnections® Pilates 3-Core Perspective which she teaches internationally.

In 2010, I interviewed Wendy about her CoreConnections® work and a principle of movement she calls the domes of uplift. In that interview, Your Domes of Uplift, How Gravity Supports Posture, we talked about the body in terms of 3 cores, and how the natural human response to gravity is actually a sense of uplift (not collapse) through the domes of the body such as the arches of the feet, pelvic floor, diaphragm, and cranium.

At that time, Wendy and I decided to present an exercise to help everyone, beginner through advanced, feel more of what she was talking about in terms of the fully embodied experience of movement. I know you will enjoy it. The more you create these kinds of experiences for yourself, the more inner discoveries you make. Of course, you will get the most out of it if you also read the interview.

You will need an exercise ball that is not too hard or too large.
See: How to Size an Exercise Ball

You might also want a rolled up exercise mat or towel between your feet and the wall.

Let's move! Step one: The Set Up

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