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Pilates Workouts

Find Pilates workouts and exercise routines designed for a variety of interests. Here you will find full body workouts and routines for flat abdominals, legs and hips, back strengthening workouts, a strength and stretch, inner thighs and more.

Ciruit Workout with Ball, Band, and Pilates Ring
This full body circuit workout uses the exercise ball, Pilates ring and resistance band to tone your whole body.

Pilates Full Body Workout
Tone your whole body with this is a full body workout with Pilates exercises.

How Do I Get an Oblique Workout?
Learn how to get the best oblique workout with Pilates exercises and safety tips.

Beginner Pilates Exercises
This list of beginner exercises is designed help you build familiarity with the basic Pilates mat exercises. These exercises provide a foundation for building the core abdominal strength, stability, and flexibility that Pilates is famous for.

Pilates Exercise Program for Beginners
Learn Pilates with this quick start guide to Pilates exercises for beginners. This beginner Pilates program takes you through a 30 days of Pilates workout plan.

Fundamentals Exercise Set
These exercises teach the basic movement principles upon which other Pilates exercises build. They also translate directly into better posture and efficient everyday movement.

Classical Pilates Mat Workout - Exercise Instructions
There is a traditional order to the Pilates mat exercises, as developed by Joseph Pilates. Here are samples of the first 10 exercises of a classical Pilates mat workout.

Photo Reference for Beginner Pilates Reformer Workout
See a complete level 1 Pilates reformer workout in photos. This an exercise reference guide with notes and safety tips.

20 Core Minutes of Pilates
This Pilates workout is designed to strengthen your core stability muscles: the deep abdominal, back, and pelvic floor muscles. It includes optional work with the exercise ball.

Pilates Reformer Exercise Instructions: The Rowings 3 and 4
Get instructions for the Pilates reformer exercises the rowings 3 and 4 as taught by Pilates instructor Alisa Wyatt.

The Pilates Series of Five
Give your abdominal muscles a great workout with the Pilates Series of Five ab exercises.

Pilates Reformer Exercise Instructions: The Rowings 1 and 2
Learn the Pilates rowing exercises with photos and instructions from Pilates instructor Alisa Wyatt.

Lower Body Workout Challenge on the Pilates Chair
This lower body workout will help you build core strength, leg strength and coordination. Use this workout with Malibu Pilates chair or any chair you have.

Pilates Quick Workout 1
Use this quick workout to strengthen and stretch your abdominal muscles and back.

A Pilates Flat Abs Series
One of the benefits of Pilates is that doing the exercises correctly produces not just great core strength, but flat abs. too.. Include this series of free Pilates abdominal exercises in your workout routine and find out how to work you lower abdominals, develop core strength, and get the abdominal muscles to flatten out.

3 Top Tummy Toning Exercises
You can add these top 3 tummy toning exercises to any workout.

Pilates Exercises for Back Pain
Pilates exercises can help decrease back pain, including low back pain. This is set of exercises that are frequently recommended for back pain.

All New Body Pilates Workouts E-course
This free E-course sends you a new Pilates workout and support articles every week for 10 weeks.

Pilates Step Barrel Workout
Here is a sequence of 10 intermediate Pilates step barrel exercises taught by Pilates master Rael Isacowitz.

Easy Exercise Ball Workout
Beginners can use this easy exercise ball workout to build strength and flexibility. It also makes a very good warm up for a full workout.

Inner Thigh Exercises
Not only is a toned inner thigh desirable for appearances, but balanced muscle use between the inner and outer leg is critical for good alignment and efficient movement.

Pilates Warm Up Exercises
Be centered and aligned before you begin exercising. These easy Pilates exercises will give you an opportunity to tune in to your body, find your alignment, and set your mental focus for your workout session.

Pilates Exercises for a Ski Workout
Learn Pilates exercises for your ski workout. Improve flexibility, tone and balance with these these ski exercises.

Tip to Toe Pilates Workout - 10 Beginner Exercises
These 10 Pilates exercises make a tip to toe Pilates workout for beginners, teaching you exercises that give you flat abs, toned thighs and butt, and increased overall flexibility and strength.

Classic Pilates Mat Exercises - Listed
Here is a copy and printable list of Pilates exercises. These exercises listed in the classical Pilates mat order as seen in Joseph Pilates book, Return to Life.

Workout with Pilates Ball Exercises
This routine puts Pilates ball exercises together in a balanced, full body workout.

Pilates Reformer Footwork Series on the Mat

This Pilates mat exercise series is taken from the Pilates reformer footwork. Footwork is an understatement. It does work the feet, but the abdominal muscles have to work very hard, as do the legs.

Side Kick Series - Pilates Mat Exercises
The Pilates Side Kick exercises strengthen and tone the hips and legs, as well as develop core strength by challenging the abdominals.
The exercise instructions for the Side Kicks Series will help you use these exercises to their fullest potential.
This series is part of the free Pilates mat exercise series at pilates.about.com.

Pilates Level 2 Strength and Stretch Series
If you have been practicing Pilates, and you are ready for an intermediate level challenge, this ten exercise Pilates mat routine will provide a good over-all workout. This set of exercise instructions includes abdominal exercises for core strength, and exercises for the legs, hips, and back as well. Part of the free Pilates exercises online at...

Workout with Exercise Ball and Pilates Ring
Learn a Pilates workout with the exercise ball and Pilates ring. This workout will tone your whole body, including your abs, inner thighs, and arms.

Upper Body Toning Set with the Pilates Ring
The Pilates magic circle offers some of the best arm, chest, and shoulder toning exercises. This is a simple set of exercises that works all parts of the upper body.

3 Variations of Pilates Plank
Plank is a popular exercise in Pilate and yoga. Here are exercise instructions for 3 variations of the plank position: plain, dolphin arm plank and side plank .

Pilates and Yoga Exercises
Here we look at a couple of the most obvious differences between Pilates and yoga, and explore 5 exercises Pilates and yoga share.

Pilates Stretches
Pilates is known for helping people develop both strength and flexibility. This set of Pilates stretches includes exercises that increase flexibility of the back, front-body, side-body, hamstrings and hips.

Five Minute Pilates Pick-Up
The Scene: You only have 5 minutes to exercise before starting a new task. Maybe you are going out, giving a party, or just moving from one phase of a busy day to another. Mix and match any of these easy Pilates tips to help you look and feel refreshed.

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