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Pilates and Yoga Pants and Tops

Read a review of the mostly organic cotton yoga pants and tank tops from Yoga Hyde. Suitable as yoga and Pilates workout clothing.

Review: SLVRBK Roll Up Exercise Mat

Read a review of the SLVRBK roll up exercise mat. Suitable for Pilates and yoga, this mat is environmentally friendly and extra thick.

Pilates DVD Review: Beyond Kegels

Kegel exercises are one way to do pelvic floor exercises, but with the Beyond Kegels DVD, you will learn many other pelvic floor exercises done with a Pilates magic circle.

Weight Loss by the Minute

A study by the University of Utah shows that accumulating single minutes of exercise in a week can lead to weight loss.

Hip Extension Basics

Hip extension is part of everyday movement like walking, running and stair stepping but many of us have weak hip extensors -- hamstrings and glutes -- so we don't full power. Learn about hip extension exercises and why they are good buttock firming exercises.

How to Sleep Better

Get sleep tips and exercises from Joseph Pilates that teach you how to sleep better, including exercises to do if you have insomnia or need deeper sleep.

Sex and Pilates

The word is out: One of the great benefits of Pilates is better sex. Find out why.

Make DVD Workouts Work for You

DVD workouts can be a good way to exercise at home. Get tips on how to make DVD workouts work for you.

The Inner Workout: Dealing with Self-Criticism

Self-criticism is a habit you can change. Here are 3 ways to calm your inner critic when it comes with you to exercise class.

Book Review: Scolio-Pilates

Scolio-Pilates is a detailed manual of Pilates exercises for scoliosis. It is a significant resource book for Pilates teachers, and for those with scoliosis who want to work with exercise as a treatment for scoliosis. Read my book review.

Pilates and Travel

Travel can take a toll on your Pilates workout routine. But with a little planning, you might be surprised how easy it is stay on track.

What to Know About Core Exercises

We call a lot of exercises core exercises but many target just a few abdominal muscles and miss the full spectrum of core training. Learn about the core muscles and how to improve your core workouts.

Free Pilates Exercise Videos Online

Find the best online Pilates videos. Top choices for Pilates exercises in free online video and podcast format.

DVD Review: Accelerated Pilates with Resistance Band

Read a review of review of Accelerated Pilates with resistance band, a Pilates DVD from Lisa Hubbard. This intermediate Pilates DVD includes a bonus ab workout.

Review: Intermediate Pilates Workout DVD from Alisa Wyatt

This is a review of the Intermediate Pilates DVD Workout from Alisa Wyatt. This Pilates DVD is based on the classical Pilates mat sequence.

Review: the Breezy Sweater from Gaiam

When it's time to cover-up those Pilates and yoga workout clothes, a wrap sweater between home and the studio or gym is handy. Here is a review of the breezy cover-up sweater from Gaiam.

Review: Racerback Tank Top

Read a review of the racerback tank top for Pilates and yoga from Abi and Joseph. This workout top is smooth, long enough, and elegant. Find out if it fits your needs.

How to Roll Your Pilates and Yoga Mats

Learn how to roll your Pilates and yoga mats for storage and to keep them clean.

Review: YogaFit for Pilates and Yoga

Read a review the Yoga Fit line of affordable Pilates and yoga clothes.

Review: Streaming Pilates Videos Online at Gaiam TV

Gaiam TV offers streaming Pilates videos online. Read a review of the Pilates offerings at Gaiam.

Pilates Ring and Foam Roller Workouts on MP3

This Pilates workout on MP3 download gives you a Pilates ring workout with exercises that activate core muscles and tone the arms and butt. The foam roller exercises teach stability, stretch and massage with the foam roller.

Back of the Arm - Workout for Tone and Stability

More exercises than you think are arm workouts. Learn to use the back of the arm for tone and stability in Pilates exercises.

Review: Pilates Basics Mat Class Podcast

Read a review a basic Pilates mat workout available as a podcast from Pilates instructor Lynda Lippin.

DVD Review: Prenatal Pilates with Dale Shea

Follow along with up-tempo workouts during pregnancy with a Prenatal Pilates DVD from Dale Shea.

Review: Form Pilates

Lindsay Lopez beginner Pilates DVD, Form Pilates, offers 3 versions of classical Pilates beginner workout. Read a review.

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