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Readers Answer Questions About Pilates

Read what others have shared about their Pilates experience on a variety of topics from weight loss to etiquette. Add your own thoughts too.

Where to Do Pilates - Unusual Places We Do Pilates Exercises
Home workouts are great. So are Pilates classes. But read what happens when readers figure out where to do Pilates when they are not able to be at a "normal" place. Read and share stories of Pilates in unusual places.

Readers Share Pilates Success Stories
Learn about the benefits of Pilates from real people. Here, readers share their Pilates success stories.

Reader Reviews: Pilates Teacher Training Programs
Here you can read reviews of Pilates teacher training programs written by instructors who have graduated training programs. You can also add your own review. See submissions

Reader Tips from their First Pilates Class
Readers fondly, or not so fondly, tell the stories of their first Pilates classes, and add advice for beginners.

Reader's Pilates During Pregnancy Stories
Pilates is a popular form of exercise during pregnancy and beyond. Here, Readers share their stories about Pilates and pregnancy. See submissions

Is Pilates Scary? Share Your Story/Read Others'
Being a Pilates beginner can be scary. Readers talk about Pilates and what makes them nervous. What are you afraid of?

Readers' Favorite Pilates Exercises - What's Yours?
Find out what Pilates exercises people like the best, and why. Is your favorite Pilates exercise on the list? Add your comments.

Readers Talk About Pilates for Back Pain
Readers tell their stories about Pilates and back pain.

Pilates Workouts: Readers Tips on the Best Schedule for Pilat…
What schedule works best for Pilates workouts? Get Readers tips on the best schedule for Pilates workouts.

Reasons to Get Pilates Certification - Readers Views
Read why people get their Pilates certification, and share your reasons for wanting to be a certified Pilates instructor.

Readers Advice: How to Make Pilates DVDs Work for You
Give and get tips on how to make DVD workouts work for home exercise programs.

Readers Share Pilates Weight Loss Stories
How to combine weight loss and Pilates. Readers give their tips on how they have used Pilates as part of their weight loss program.

Readers Respond: Pilates Class Dos and Don'ts
Readers tell what drives them crazy at Pilates class. Learn the dos and don'ts at Pilates classes from Pilates teachers and students.

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