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Open Leg Balance with Exercise Circle

Adding an exercise circle, also known as a magic circle, to Pilates open leg balance exercise gives you more inner thigh toning and more feedback into the abs. It is also great test of side to side symmetry.

Pilates Step Barrel Workout

Learn an intermediate Pilates step barrel workout from master teacher Rael Isacowitz. Many of these exercises are based on Pilates mat exercises and can be adapted to the foam body roller as well.

Pilates Flat Abdominals Series

One of the benefits of Pilates is that doing the exercises correctly can give you flat abs. Include this series of free Pilates abdominal exercises in your workout routine and find out why Pilates offers the best ab exercises and core strength builders.

Pilates Mat Exercise: Criss Cross

Criss Cross is a popular Pilates mat exercise for targeting the abdominal muscles, especially the obliques. Working the obliques supports posture, the ability to flex and rotate the torso, and helps define the waist.

Meet Your Abs, the Abdominal Muscles

Abs are abdominal muscles. Get to know the muscles of an abs workout. Find out what the abdominals do and what makes great 6 pack abs or ripped abs.

Pilates Quick Workout 1

Use this series of free Pilates mat exercises anytime you want a quick Pilates workout. It includes a warm up, exercises that tone the abdominals, back, arms, legs and butt, as well as some stretching.

Standing Pilates Legwork Exercises

Standing Pilates exercises improve balance and posture. They are great foot and thigh exercises as well. Learn two standing Pilates routines.

Pilates Beginner Modification for Double Leg Stretch

This modification for the Pilates double leg stretch is a good beginner exercise and a nice way for beginners to pref for the movement pattern and develop abdominal strength.

Home Circuit Workout with Ball, Band, and Pilates Ring

Learn a Pilates circuit routine for home workouts with the resistance band, exercise ball and Pilates ring.

Photo Reference for Beginner Pilates Reformer Workout

See a photo demonstration of a complete beginner Pilates reformer workout. The beginner Pilates exercises here are beautifully performed and accompanied by notes and tips.

Side-Lying Leg Press with Pilates Magic Circle

Side-lying leg press with the Pilate magic circle is an excellent thigh exercise. It will engage your Pilates powerhouse for core stability and really work your butt muscles and thighs, especially your inner thighs.

Pilates Bridge Exercise with Medicine Ball

Pilates bridge exercise done with the medicine ball adds an extra stability and hamstring challenge to the exercise.

Pilates Roll Over - Exercise Instructions

Pilates roll over is all about control. Add roll over to you Pilates workout -- you'll get a good stretch for your back and hamstrings and work your abdominal muscles very well in the process.

Healthy at Work - Your Workstation Setup

Learn how to sit at work with our workstation setup tips such as monitor distance, chair height, and desk height.

Resistance Band Exercises for the Upper Body

Learn a series of resistance band exercises you can use in an upper body workout. These exercises, taught by Pilates instructor Lisa Hubbard, focus on the biceps and triceps as well as the shoulders, back and core.

Re-Defining Core: Is Your "Powerhouse" Partnering or Fighting with Gravity?

Renowned Pilates instructor Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle guides us in new ways of understanding the core in Pilates and exercise. This article includes core awareness exercises from the 3-CoreConnections perspective.

Pilates Mat Exercise - The Saw

Saw is a basic Pilates mat exercise that is appropriate for all workout levels. It is a back and hamstring stretch and that utilizes a spinal rotation to increase the stretch.

The Pilates Roll Up Exercise Instructions in Detail

Learn Pilates Roll Up. Get detailed exercise instructions, with pictures, for roll up. This exercise is a great challenge for the abdominal muscles and is well known as a foundation exercise for the Pilates flat abs effect.

Anatomy of the Spine

This explanation of the human spine includes pictures and diagrams of the anatomy of the spine. We look at the vertebrae, the curvatures of the spine, and why Pilates exercises focus on support and flexibility for the spine, and may relieve back pain in the process.

Best Pilates DVD - About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2011

Find out who the finalists are for Best Pilates DVD in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2011.

Benefits of Pilates in Everyday Life - with Photos

Look at this photo lesson showing the benefits of Pilates exercises for everyday life. See how Pilates improves everyday moves like walking, driving, even reaching for objects

Fully Embodied Movement: Swan-Swim on the Exercise Ball

Learn to connect an exercise through your whole body with this simple exercise with the exercise ball. These unique exercise instructions are from Pilates instructor, Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle.

7 Yoga Poses for Your Pilates Workout

Yoga and Pilates are similar yet different enough that each lend the other new new perspectives. Here are 7 yoga poses that might teach you something new about your Pilates practice.

Standing Pilates - Wall Roll Down

This standing Pilates exercise is great practice for beginners and advanced students. It stretches the back and the hamstrings as it works the abdominals and teaches good posture.

Pilates and Athletes in the Spotlight - Summer Olympics 2012

These Summer 2012 Olympic athletes include Pilates in their training programs. See photos and learn more.

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