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Pilates Teachers and Styles

We will look at what the popular styles of Pilates are today and who some of the top teachers are. Windsor Pilates, Stott Pilates, The Method, and Fletcher Work are some of the teachers and exercise systems that will be reviewed.

The Pilates Method - a Living Legacy
The history of Pilates is greatly influenced by the creation of Pilates lineages through the Pilates Elders. Learn more about how that dynamic created a living legacy.

The Archival Pilates Exercises
Learn what the archival Pilates exercises are, how they fit into Pilates history, and how they are relevant today.

An Appreciation of the Pilates Elder and Master Romana Kryzanowska
To know about Pilates, you must know about the Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowska. Here, with stories and a brief biography, we offer a glimpse into the immense contribution she made to the Pilates legacy.

Exploring Fletcher Pilates
This interview with the director of Fletcher Pilates, Kyria Sabin, explores the Pilates of Ron Fletcher -- what his influences were and how he developed his own style.

Joseph Pilates: A short Biography
Joseph Pilates is the founder of the Pilates method of exercise, and the inventor of the Pilates exercise machines.

Pilates Training - Readers Share Special Lessons from the Pilates Elders
The understandings we got from the Pilates Elders are treasures that enrich the Pilates community as a whole. If you have a special lesson or insight you can share from an experience with a Pilates Elder, please share it here.

Quotes from Joseph Pilates
Find inspiring quotes from Joseph Pilates Book, Return to Life Through Contrology.

The Pilates Elders
Joseph Pilates' original students are known as, the elders. here is a brief introduction to those teachers and how they fit into the Pilates legacy.

Joseph Pilates' Book, Return to Life Through Contrology
Joseph Pilates' book, Return to Life Through Contrology is essential Pilates reading. In it, Joseph Pilates writes about the philosophy of the Pilates method and gives instructions for Pilates mat exercises, including pictures.

Interview with Rael Isacowitz - Pilates: Art, Science, and Passion
Rael Isacowitz is one of the master Pilates instructors of out time. In this interview he shares his passion for Pilates as an art, a science, and a body, mind, spirit practice.

Classical Pilates
Classical Pilates as a term defined.

Contemporary Pilates
Contemporary Pilates as a term defined.

All About Winsor Pilates
Mari Winsor is one of the most recognizable names in Pilates. Find out how and why Winsor Pilates got so well-known.

About Pilates Fusion
Pilates gets combined with a lot of things. Use this article to help you decide if you are still doing Pilates.

What is Standing Pilates?
Find out what standing Pilates is, how to learn standing Pilates exercises, and about standing Pilates teacher certification.

Contemporary Pilates Teachers and Styles
As the popularity of Pilates increases, so do the number of teachers adding their own insights and methods to the richness of Pilates. Here are brief profiles of some of most influential teachers and contemporary styles of Pilates.

Romana on Teaching Pilates
Tips on teaching Pilates in the words of one of the great Pilates instructors, Pilates Elder, Romana Kryzanowska.

Pilates Industry Changes - Peak Pilates Sale to SPIN Fitness
When Pilates equipment manufacturer, Peak Pilates, sold to SPIN Fitness, it surprised many in the Pilates Industry. Julie Lobdell talks about the sale and its effect on Peak Pilates, Pilates education, and Pilates in general.

Pilates Trademark and Issues of Certification
When the Pilates name was released from trademarked status in 2000, the entire Pilates community was dramatically effected.

Advanced Pilates Photos
Enjoy this photo gallery of advanced Pilates exercises.

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle
Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle is a Pilates instructor, Pilates teacher trainer and movement educator. Here is a brief bio.

Reporting from the Learn from the Leaders BASI Pilates Conference
If you've thought about attending a Pilates conference, the BASI Pilates Learn from the Leaders conference is a great example of the elements of a successful conference. Read about it here.

Siri Galliano
Siri Galliano is a well known protege of the Pilates master Romona Kryzanowska. Here is a very brief introduction to Siri Galliano's Pilates career.

Exercise Test Drive - The Hundred

Industry Insider: Will the Real Pilates Please Stand Up?

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