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Pilates Exercise Techniques

Pilates exercises are done in very specific ways. Learn techniques for getting the most out of the Pilates moves that you do.

How Do I Get an Oblique Workout?
Many people want to be sure they get an oblique workout to help define their waistline. This article will show you what obliques are, as well as how to workout safely.

Pilates Exercises for Dynamic Stretching
Here are 5 Pilates exercises that are easy to adapt for a dynamic stretching warm up.

10 Ways to Do a Better Pilates Hundred
If the Pilates hundred has frustrated you, these tips will help you make friends with this challenging exercise.

What Are the Deep Six Hip Muscles?
This set of six hip muscles is very important in hip integrity and mobility. Learn where they are and how they move.

Hip Opening with the Exercise Ball
Get in touch with the deep six external rotators with this easy exercise ball exercise.

How to Sit at Work
How you sit at work is as important as how you do your Pilates. Learn the elements of a good workstation setup.

5 Improve Your Workout Tips
Use these five easy workout tips to improve any workout immediately.

The Pilates Teaser Exercise
Perfect your Pilates teaser. Here is a program with exercises that help you build strength and skill for teaser.

The Rolling Pilates Exercises
This is a reference list, with exercise instructions, for the all-important Pilates spinal articulation exercises.

Breathing and Exercise
Deep breathing is an essential component of Pilates exercise. Learn about how deep breathing is used in Pilates and about deep breathing exercises.

Here are 5 ways to improve your upper body workout with Pilates. These...
Get an upper body workout with Pilates. Here are 5 ways to tone your arms, shoulders and upper back.

5 Ways to Do Your Best Ab Workouts
Learn to make your ab workouts more effective. Here are 5 important tips on how to get healthy, flat abs. Includes lots of sample Pilates exercises for abdominal muscles and core training.

Create Your Own Exercise Program
To create your own exercise program, review the elements of an effective workout for home.

The Franklin Method in the Pilates Studio
Pat Guyton is a Pilates instructor and third level instructor in the Franklin Method. Here she shows us how the imagery developed by Eric Franklin relates to the Pilates studio.

The Domes of Uplift - How Yielding to Gravity Supports Posture
This interview with yoga and Pilates instructor Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle goes in depth about how to support your posture by allowing your body to respond to gravity. This is dynamic posture at its best.

Back of the Arm - Workout for Tone and Stability
The backs of the arms are an important part of most Pilates exercises, even if they aren't arm exercises. Learn to tone the backs of the arms as you workout.

Pilates Neck Pull - Tips from Pilates Instructors - How to do Neck Pull
Pilates instructor Alisa Wyatt has contributed her notes on neck pull from Pilates Elders Romana Kryzanowska, Jay Grimes and Kathy Grant.

Review: Pilates Anatomy by Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger
The Book, Pilates Anatomy, written by Real Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger is a wonderful guide to the muscle groups used in Pilates exercises. Read this review.

Before and After - a Plank Exercise on the Pilates Reformer
Learn from these before and after photos of a difficult plank exercise on the Pilates reformer.

An Introduction to the Psoas Muscle
Learn about the psoas muscle. The psoas is an important core muscle that is often blamed for low back pain. Find out more about the psoas muscle.

Easy Pilates Exercise: Sensing Your Bones
One of the best ways to improve your alignment in exercise is to know where your bones should be. Learn an easy Pilates exercise that will improve your inner sense of your your bones.

Evaluate Your Pilates Training
Here are 5 questions you can use to help evaluate your Pilates training.

Re-Defining Core: Is Your "Powerhouse" Partnering or Fighting with Gravity?
This article from Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle explores a more open and fluid experience and definition of core. It includes core awareness exercises.

Anatomy of the Spine
This explanation of the human spine includes pictures and diagrams of the anatomy of the spine. It will help you understand how Pilates exercise help support the spine and relieve back pain.

Tips for Doing Pilates Rolling Exercises
Rolling exercises stimulate the spine and strengthen the core. Get tips on how to make them work.

Tips for Doing Pilates Exercise, the Roll Over
Pilates exercise, the roll over, is full of potential as a stretch for the back and hamstrings, a full abdominal workout, and a way to practice your Pilates principles.

Toning the Inner Thighs
Inner thigh exercises can help you or be a waste of time. Learn how to use inner thigh exercises effectively.

Pilates Exercises: Modification Tips
Modifications can make exercises easier or harder, and help protect your back and neck. Learn how to modify Pilates exercises.

How Not To Do a Pilates Push Up
Pilates push up is different than regular push ups. Take a look of what not to do in your Pilates push up exercise with this example of a Pilates move done wrong.

Tucked vs Neutral Pelvic Alignment in Exercise
Learn about the importance of pelvic alignment in exercise. These sample Pilates moves show the difference between a tucked and neutral pelvic alignment, and why you want to avoid a very tucked pelvis.

Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise
Learn diaphragmatic breathing - a technique for breathing fully that enlivens the body and reduces stress.

Pilates Breathing - Lateral Breathing
Lateral breathing helps you breathe fully throughout Pilates exercises.

Understanding the Pilates Powerhouse
Using your powerhouse is one of the most important concepts in Pilates training. Learn what makes up the powerhouse part of the body.

Shoulder Stability in Pilates Exercises
Shoulder stability is very important in exercise. These pictures show you how to stabilize your shoulders and scapula.

The Eccentric Contraction
Pilates creates long, strong muscles by using eccentric contractions of the muscles. Learn about eccentric muscle contractions and how they are used in Pilates.

The Pelvic Floor Muscles
Read about why the pelvic floor muscles are important and how to strengthen them.

Imagery in Exercise - Use the Box Image
Learn to use the box image to help balance and lengthen the body during Pilates exercises.

What is Pilates Stance?
Pilates stance is a powerful position for the legs that is used in both Pilates mat, and equipment exercises.

Leg Position - "Hip Distance Apart"
Good posture and effective exercise technique depend on good leg alignment. Learn a basic leg position we use in Pilates and other exercises for alignment training.

Free E-course: Essential Pilates
This free Pilates program is your ticket inside Pilates moves. Each lesson includes an essential concept in Pilates movement, practice exercises, and related articles.

Hip Flexors vs Abdominal Muscles
If you hip flexors overpower you abdominal muscles, all those ab exercises you do will be less effective.

Master The Pilates Roll Up
Lots of people have trouble with the roll up. Here are tips to make roll up the gratifying (strong, flat abs and flexibility) exercise it can be.

Hip Extension Basics
Hip extension is an important balance for hip flexion. Hip extension exercises strengthen the glutes and hamstrings.

Make the Most of Core Exercises
We call a lot of exercises core exercises but many target just a few abdominal muscles and miss the full core. Find out how to make your core training count.

Fully Embodied Movement: Swan-Swim on the Exercise Ball
This is a unique set of exercise instructions focusing on fully embodied movement, domes of uplift, and spirals from Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle.

An Introduction to the Latissimus Dorsi Muscle
The latissimus dorsi muscle is the widest muscle on the back though it mostly acts as a shoulder muscle. Learn about lat exercises and how the latissimus move the arms and torso.

Don't Cheat Your Pilates Rolling Exercises
Here is a fun look at some of the bad habits people bring to their rolling exercises, and how to fix them.

Online Video: Scapular Stabilization
This online video will help you see the positions of the scapula and what makes for more scapular stability.

Do you Need Springs to do Pilates?

Create your Own Spring-Driven Pilates Workout

Pilates Cross-Training for Cyclists
4 Ways Pilates can Help You Cross-Training for Cycling and Indoor Cycling

Your Outdoor Pilates Workout
Pilates Jumping Jacks in the Park

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