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Reader Stories: Pilates Success Stories


Updated March 17, 2010

There are many benefits of Pilates training, people are drawn to it for different reasons. Some do Pilates to look and feel better. Others are attracted to Pilates for help with issues like back pain, bouncing back from pregnancy, or functional fitness. With Pilates being one of the top fitness trends in the world, people have wonderful stories about how Pilates has helped them -- changed lives even.

Read Pilates success stories below. And if you have a Pilates success story, please add it. There is almost nothing more inspiring than reading others' real-life stories.

Pilates After Hip Surgery

I followed my surgeons' movement guidelines, not performing anything outside ranges of motion within given timelines. However, whenever I was given the freedom for certain types of movement--rolling …More

Pilates Helped After Hip Surgery

I decided to become certified in Pilate because of my experiences. I hired a instructor who worked on the reformer, Cadillac, tower and mat classes using the ball and circle. I took ten one on one cl…More

Obese - Now Energy and Body Tone are Much Improved

I began with 3x a week private sessions with a certified Stott Pilates trainer. Because I started in the 270's (weightwise), we had to learn together how to modify and what worked with my huge belly …More

Now teaching Pilates in 2 languages at 71

Last year I undertook a course of Stott Pilates training here in France where I live, successfully completing and now teaching classes in both French and English. I never tire of opening others' eyes…More

started Pilates after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

I started twice weekly at a community recreation center. I have visited other Pilates studio's but found my experience with Antonia to be best for my level and overall life-style change. On the mat w…More

Got Pilates Certification on 61st Birthday!

I went to a studio in Toronto called Holistic BodyWorx. The instructor and owner, Tina Aurelio, is understanding and extremely good at what she does. Over the past months we trained in practical Pila…More

You are never to old to try something new

I have 2 classes a week at private studio. I started with 20 lessons scheduled twice a week. After the initial classes I signed up for 50 more. I started in Nov 2009.I need to have the responsibility…More

Pilates help me get aligned, and get balanced

Interestingly enough, my 1st sacroiliac injury happened in a Pilates one-on-one. I guess I had an instructor who just couldn't be bothered with modifications. The recurrence of this injury was what l…More

Strong and Flexible

I started with classes and private sessions. Eventually I got some certifications and started teaching. Then there was a long period of time where I lived and taught in an area that had no other Pila…More

Increased Range of Motion

I keep promising myself that one of these days I am going to sign up for classes, so I can deepen my experience and work with a trained instructor, but in the meantime I have DVD programs that I work…More

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