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Reader Stories: Remember Your First Pilates Class?


Updated July 02, 2010

Beginning Pilates classes can be a little bit scary. Some people feel nervous. Some people feel desperate to get help with a body issue like back pain. Some people get forced into Pilates classes (well meaning spouses)! No matter how you get there, a first Pilates class can be a very memorable experience. Here, readers share their beginner Pilates class stories.

basics...the way Joseph Pilates intended

I did a full circle in teaching and went back to where I started 45 years ago. I taught yoga stretching, aerobics (all types) step reebok, water-sport fitness and personalized fitness classes all aro…More

My first Pilates experience was very difficult

My first Pilates experience was very difficult. Now that a few years have passed and I've done other classes, I realize that wasn't the best class to start off with. The instructor did many of the mo…More

I didn't even know what Pilates was

I was absolutely hooked from the moment the instructor started the class and I have never looked back. That was seven or eight years ago now, and 18 months ago I qualified as a Mat Pilates instructor…More

Don't be intimidated by the moves

I absolutely feel in love with my class! My instructor was very verbal with instructions and hands on with helping me correct my movements. I didn't believe anyone could get a workout from doing pila…More

Wanted to Tone and Strengthen After 3 Babies

I loved it and got hooked right away. I came home sore and was so sore for the next three days that I took paracetamol! I could barely roll over in bed without groaning. I realized how much Pilates c…More

I started with a Pilates reformer class

I Loved It! It was supposed to be a group class, but Pilates was just getting known then and no one else showed up. I had a fantastic private class and went back for many more. I was lucky to get a g…More

Do Pilates for your own reason

No. At first it was just too hard and then as the hour proceeded, I injured myself. The instructor had zero interest in me or my injury. He was just there for the money. I barely hobbled out the door…More

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