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Hip Twist Instructions from Jennifer Adolfs

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By jenex

Updated May 01, 2011

Hip Twist Instructions from Jennifer Adolfs

Pull legs up as high as you can deepening in the abs.

Hip Twist Instructions from Jennifer Adolfs

Swing legs downward to the right as low as you can.

The Set Up

Sit up with legs extended and zipped together in front of you and arms extended behind you, firmly press the palms of your hands into the mat in a backward position.

Hip Twist Movement Instructions

Inhale as you pull the legs straight up in front of you.

Exhale as you begin to swing your legs in a downward circle to the right without touching the floor.

Inhale as you bring them upward to finish the right hand circle.

Exhale to repeat the movement in a downward circle to the left and then Inhale as you bring them upward to finish the left hand circle.

Repeat circles each direction for 3 repetitions if you can keep good form throughout.

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep legs zipped together and big toes lined up.
  • Keep chin down and chest inward.
  • Upper body is still, only legs and hips are moving.
  • Keep pressing into your palms as you swing and pull the legs up.
  • Deepen through your lower abdomen to keep control of the legs.

Instructor Name

Jennifer Adolfs

Studio Name/website

Serenity Pilates www.pilates-back-joint-exercise.com

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