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Readers Respond: Pilates Class Etiquette: What Drives You Crazy at the Pilates Studio?

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Updated May 29, 2009

Pilates instructors and students: This is your big chance to let the world know how you think Pilates classes run best. What works best and what doesn't? Does certain behavior at the Pilates studio drive you crazy? Why? Sound off!

My pet peeves while teaching Pilates

are: people moving too fast in their movements; flinging their upper bodies up for a roll-up using their shoulders and not their core; talking to their neighbor; not paying attention to instruction and have to repeat it a bunch of times till they get it; wearing too much perfume or fragrant body lotion.
—Guest Cheryl


Different teachers teach different ways. Be open to another description, another approach, another order of class. As a teacher and manager myself, what a frustration when so many refuse another teacher's means of description, or use of humor when offering a class. Pilates did...can;t we all! :)
—Guest Guest MSB

Pet peeve at pilates studio

We have lots of older people in our classes. When music is playing, it is very hard to hear the instructor over the music especially if other activities are also going on around the studio. As you age, your hearing is worse. Need classes without music.
—Guest bagelo

No one talks about this....

There are always embarrassing moments in almost every Pilates class I have been in. And one of them if passing gas. You really squeeze your stomach and intestines together in a lot of the poses and a natural occurrence is that you pass gas. I just wish I had been warned!!!! More experienced members may not have that problem, but I can attest that I am not the only one!

cell phones

I understand that sometimes you need to be available to kids or whatever, but turn your phone to vibrate and leave the room quietly if you need to take a call.
—Guest jill56


As you get heated up, so does the scent you're wearing. Trust me, your workout buddies don't want to notice your new favorite perfume. Got a class 1st thing on the weekend? Please rinse off in the shower beforehand -- you DO smell like you just got out of bed.
—Guest PilatesChick

Time hogs

My classes have a max of 4 people so you generally get plenty of personal attention from our fabulous instructor. But still, it is really annoying when one person treats the session like their own personal medical/fitness consultation and takes way too much of the instructor's time.
—Guest JC


The gossiping and chattiness that goes on is very distracting to me. Especially when my instructor is involved in it!
—Guest Scheff


I have allergies. Not just strong perfume, but any perfume can keep me from being able to work out. Even with antihistamines, I spend most of class time with a tissue to my nose when people wear perfume.
—Guest Joan


Chatty people who don't seem to realize I'm working out.
—Guest Chuck

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

It makes me nuts when people who are not part of a class make comments on the work of people who are in class. Whether it's complimentary or not, it's distracting and not appropriate.
—Guest IntoPilates

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