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Readers Respond: What You Want to Say to a Pilates Beginner

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Updated January 28, 2013

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It is not easy to be a beginner at anything, but getting started in Pilates can be fun and exciting, especially when those who have gone before share their experience. Here we invite those of you who have experience in Pilates to look back and think about what tips would have made your experience even better. Please share them here.

Open Your Mind

Based on your fitness level and goals, your first Pilates experience will vary. During your first session, you may feel like your head wants to explode because there is so much going on in the body and in the mind, and you might fear that you will never remember it all. You will. You just need to stick with it. Be patient with your body while learning all the things that come along with being a Pilates beginner. Listen. Listening is crucial to understanding what the instructor is explaining. That may sound obvious, but there are different ways to listen while doing Pilates. The more that you can focus and to tune-in to yourself (mind and body) your Pilates experience will greatly improve. Trust. Trusting your instructor and yourself is of the utmost importance. You want to work with someone whom you connect to and trust. That is especially important for a one-to-one situation. Most of all, go in with an open mind and be ready to have it blown!


Pilates is functional training through & through. Pilates is the missing piece in the fitness puzzle.
—Guest plaxy

It Works!

Does it ever work! I've been doing yoga and Pilates moslty every day for about nine or ten months now, and I've noticed a big difference in my body — and I was in pretty good shape before from running — and I feel stronger and buffer and actually happier. And my Pilates teacher told me this: for most people, after ten classes, you feel the difference; after twenty classes, you see the difference; after thirty classes, other people see the difference.
—Guest bikTjuMV

Tips for Beginners

Your first few classes may be overwhelming. There is so much information about each and every movement and you may feel your brain is going into overload. Try to focus on just 1 cue from your intructor each time you do a specific movement, endeavor to "feel" what your instructor is saying. If you don't ask for a better explanation. If you continue your practice like this, each time you move you will "feel" more connected and "feel" more of the things you are being taught. You Pilates instructor is your teacher, he/she is teaching you a method of movement not just for the hour of your class, but for all day, everyday. I think a similarity between Yoga and Pilates is that both create a constant physical awareness that becomes a way of life. Most of all ENJOY your classes!

Shop for Your Teacher

I have been blessed to have found excellent instructors through my years of doing Pilates and that is what has made it so great for me. I don't think I would have made the progress I've made or even stayed interested if it wasn't for them. Occasionally I have tried a class with a teacher who turned out to be not for me. I've learned not to push it but rather to move on quickly. If you stick with a teacher you are not sure of you might get discouraged. Better to shop around first. You'll know when you are happy with your classes.

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