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Get Pilates Strong: The Swan


The Pilates Move of the Month is the Swan. Before you decide you can't do it, try to lie on the mat and simply breathe deeply.

Pilates Spotlight10

Get Pilates Strong: The Swan

The Pilates Swan will Build your Back Strength and Mobility

Pilates Equipment Made for a Teacher, by a Teacher

Pilates Equipment Made for a Teacher, by a Teacher. Deborah Lessen Launches her Collection.

Your Outdoor Pilates Workout

Pilates Jumping Jacks in the Park

Review: Pilates Interactive Workbook by Christina Gadar

What's in your Pilates gym bag? This new workbook by Christina Gadar should be.

Get Hot Legs with This Pilates Leg Exercise

The Pilates Side Kick Hot Potato for Hot Legs

Final Blog...

It's not what you think. About.com is making some small adjustments so this is in fact the last "blog" post on this column. But it is by no means the last

The Pilates Industry is Changing in Big Ways

Is The Pilates Industry in Crisis?

The Single Most Important Pilates Exercise for You and Your Children

Forget 45 minutes a day. Practice this one move and live a longer life.

Pilates for Children and Adolescents: The Book is Out

Can children do Pilates? A new book shows Pilates teachers how to help kids can master the moves.

Are There Benefits of Pilates for Autism?

Pilates may be an Effective approach for symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

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