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Pilates - Going Beyond Kegels

By May 14, 2011

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pelvic floor exercisesPelvic floor exercises are not just for women who have had children, though women are usually the people actively searching for them. The pelvic floor muscles help support whatever kind of movement you do - man or woman, and they are an integral part of the your Pilates powerhouse.

If you do Pilates exercises correctly, with attention to alignment and recruiting the muscles you need in the way that you need them, you will engage your pelvic floor muscles. And you will activate them in a full-body, movement context which may be more effective in the long run than Kegels alone. But it takes some extra attention to do that.

In her DVD, Beyond Kegels, Marie Monahan has put together a series of exercises with the Pilates magic circle that are particularly good for helping you activate the pelvic floor. It's way beyond Kegels.  Read my review.

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photo: (c)Marie Monahan

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