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How to Roll Your Pilates and Yoga Mats

Tips to Keep Your Mat Clean


Updated June 19, 2014

Woman Rolling Up Yoga Mat
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Wouldn't it be nice if we always put our Pilates and yoga mats down on clean surfaces? Maybe. But we don't. And if you roll your mat from one end to the other, you roll grit and unseen whatevers onto the clean, working surface of your mat every time you roll it up.

Here is a trick for rolling your mat in a way that will keep the top surface clean, and won't make a crease in your mat. This tip is for the thin yoga mats that many of us also use on firm, padded surfaces for Pilates.

  1. With your mat laid flat, loosely fold it over so that the top end is an inch or two shorter than the bottom. The clean top surface is now in the middle. Don't crease the folded end. Let there to be an inch or two air bubble in the folded over end. See fig. 1.

  2. Start at the loosely folded end and roll from there. See fig. 2.

  3. Roll your mat all the way up. There will be a small section at the end where the inside will be exposed, but for the most part, the whole top surface of your mat -- the part you work out on -- will stay clean. See fig. 3.

  4. Your mat will stay rolled up almost as securely as it would if you rolled it end to end. Better yet, pop it in a mat bag.
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