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Here you will find information about Pilates instructor training programs and Pilates certification as well as inspiring interviews with master Pilates instructors and health experts.
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Book Review: Voices of Classical Pilates
Read my review of Voices of Classical Pilates, a series of essays on the Pilates Method, and the stories behind it.

The Pilates Method and The History of Pilates as a Living Legacy
The history of Pilates is not a static story. Pilates has grown, and changed by the people who practiced and taught it. Here we look at the changing legacy of Pilates.

Join Our Online Pilates Studio Tour
Take a tour of Pilates studios with photos and descriptions sent in by our readers See submissions

Show and Tell Form for Pilates Instructor Training Programs
The way to become a Pilates instructor is to go through a training program. Here, you can read about and compare Pilates instructor courses as described by the studios and companies that offer them. See submissions

The Archival Pilates Exercises
This article is an inquiry into the archival Pilates exercises.

About The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)
The Pilates Method Alliance is a not-for-profit Pilates organization for professionals. Find out what they do.

Interview with Rael Isacowitz - Pilates: Art, Science, and Passion
Rael Isacowitz is one of the master Pilates instructors of out time. In this interview he shares his passion for Pilates as an art, a science, and a body, mind, spirit practice.

Pilates and Athletes in the Spotlight - Summer Olympics 2012
This gallery highlights some the athletes of summer Olympics 2012 who use Pilates as part of their training programs.

Do You Remember Your First Pilates Class?
Do you remember your first Pilates classes? Share you story and read others about that first Pilates class. See submissions

Reader Reviews: Pilates Teacher Training Programs
Here you can read reviews of Pilates teacher training programs written by instructors who have graduated training programs. You can also add your own review. See submissions

Photos from the PMA Conference 2010
A look inside the PMA conference of 2010. The Pilates Method Alliance celebrated its 10th anniversary with Pilates classes and a full expo hall. Here is my photo journal.

Review: Jennifer Kries' DVD Pilates Method Master Trainer Series
This 5 DVD series offers in-depth training for Pilates mat exercises and Pilates equipment. A good reference and review for instructors and serious students.

Reflections on a Pilates Instructor Training Program
Read about the Pilates instructor training program at the Pilates Center of Boulder in this interview with Pilates teachers of teachers Amy Alpers and Rachel Segel.

Pilates Instructor Certification Basics
In this article I review the types of Pilates certification available and what you might expect from each.

Find a Pilates Conferences
This is our international listing of Pilates conferences. Conferences are described and submitted by the companies and individuals sponsoring them. Plan to attend your next, or first, conference.

Reporting from the Learn from the Leaders BASI Pilates Conference
Read a report from the BASI Pilates Learn from the Leaders conference featuring Rael Isacowitz, Alan Herdman, Lolita San Miguel, Brett Howard and Karen Clippenger.

What is a Pilates Master Instructor?
If you've seen the term Pilates master instructor in advertising and articles you might be wondering what it really means. Here's what you need to know.

What Does PMA Gold Certified Mean?
Some Pilates instructors are PMA gold certified. Find out what it is to have PMA gold Pilates certification from the Pilates Method Alliance exam.

The Art of Teaching Pilates and Pilates Instructors
Get an in-depth look at Pilates, Pilates Instructor Training and the issue of Pilates certification in this compelling interview with Pilates Instructor, Rachel Segel, of The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO.

Marketing Pilates Studios Online 101
Your Guide to Pilates here at About.com, Marguerite Ogle, shares beginner tips about marketing your business on the internet in an interview published at Pilates Pro.

5 Important Pilates Teachers
5 Important Pilates Teachers

How to Become a Celebrity Pilates Trainer

The Pilates Industry is Changing in Big Ways
Is The Pilates Industry in Crisis?

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