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Focus on Butt, Hips and Legs

While all Pilates exercises are about the whole body, these Pilates mat exercises put extra focus on toning the butt, hips and thighs, and supporting flexibility and increased range of motion.

Open Leg Balance with Exercise Circle
Adding the exercise ring to open leg balance gives it much more inner thigh toning potential.

5 Standing Pilates Exercises
These standing Pilates exercises will help tone the thighs, butt and hips, as well as engage the core muscles.

5 Great Butt Exercises
These Pilates moves will firm your butt as they work the backs of your legs, your abdominal muscles, your back muscles and more.

Hip Stretch with Exercise Ball and Wall
Learn a standing thigh and hip stretch with the exercise ball against a wall. This exercise ball exercise is great for opening the front of the hip and adds a balance and strength challenge as well.

Bicycle - Pilates Style
We all love an exercise that works a lot of areas at once. Bicycle, done the Pilates way, will work your legs, your butt, your abs, shoulders and arms. Bicycle is part of the free Pilates exercises series online at about.com.

A beginner exercise that tones the hips and thighs and teaches pelvic stability.

Double Leg Kick
Double leg kick is a powerful, intermediate level, back extension exercise. It targets the back extensors and the hamstrings, but you will find it requires support from the whole body as well.

Double Straight Leg Lowers - Pilates Mat Exercise
This Pilates mat exercise is a very effective abdominal workout, working both the upper and lower abdominals. Provided that you learn to do it correctly this is an ideal core strength builder. Follow these step by step instructions and learn to protect your back as you get a great abdominal challenge.

Frog with Exercise Band
In this pilates exercise the exercise band simulates the kind of resistance that the reformer usually provides for the footwork. This version of Frog Legs is an all over workout. Adding the upper body, we work the arms, shoulders abdominals and legs.

Heel Beats
Heel beats is one of the best butt toning exercises. It works the back, hamstrings and inner thighs too.

Hip Stretching Exercise
This easy hip stretching exercise stretches the outside of the hip, providing flexibility and release of tension.

Inner Thigh Exercises

Not only is a toned inner thigh desirable for appearances, but balanced muscle use between the inner and outer leg is critical for good alignment and efficient movement. Unfortunately, most of us work the outer leg more than the inner. Here are some Pilates exercises and techniques that you can use to enhance muscle tone of the inner thigh.

Do keep in mind that we are talking about full…

Inner Thigh Lifts - Pilates Mat Exercise
Inner Thigh Lifts work your legs from your core abdominals. They tone the thighs and abdominals and stretch the hips.

Pilates Side Kicks - Side Scissors
The challenge here is to use your abs and hip flexors properly, stabilizing the upper body and the legs move.

Pilates Bridge Exercise with Medicine Ball
Putting the bridge up on the medicine ball adds a more workout for the hamstrings and glutes.

Hip Extension Basics and Exercises
Hip extension exercises tone the buttocks and hamstrings. Learn about hip extension.

Kick Back with Exercise Band - Online Video
This online video demonstrates an excellent exercise for toning the legs, and practicing pelvic and shoulder stability.

Leg Pull Front
Like plank/front support, leg pull front engages every part of the body. Leg pull front takes plank/front support a step further. By lifting one leg off the floor, the instability that is introduced challenges the abdominals and shoulders to keep the trunk and pelvis stable as you move.

Rainbow - Rainbow with Magic Circle
Rainbow is a Pilates mat exercise that targets the hips and thighs, especially the inner and outer thigh. Lying on your side will require a good bit of core strength and stabilization effort from the abdominals as well. You can do Rainbow with, or without, a magic circle.

Shoulder Bridge - Exercise Intructions
This intermediate - advanced exercise is a an extension that promotes strength through the whole Pilates powerhouse, especially the inner thighs and hamstrings.

Side Kick Front/Back - Pilates Mat Exercise
Use Pilates Side Kick Front and Back to work the back extensor muscles, the abdominals, the hamstrings, and the hip flexors. Side Kick Front/Back tones the thighs, hips and abs.. It is also an excellent balance challenge, calling forth the ability to use core muscles to stabilize the pelvis, and work the legs independently.

Side Kick Series - Pilates Mat Exercises
The Pilates Side Kick exercises strengthen and tone the hips and legs, as well as develop core strength by challenging the abdominals to stabilize the movement. Here is a set of exercise instructions for the Side Kicks that will help you use these exercises to their fullest potential. This series is part of the free Pilates mat exercise series...

Side Kick Up Down - Pilates Mat Exercise
Side Kick Up Down is a great Pilates exercise for toning the thighs and hips. It also works the abdominals as they must maintain stability as the leg moves independently. This is part of the free Pilates mat exercise series.

Side Leg Lifts - Pilates Mat Exercise
Side Leg Lifts done as a Pilates exercise works the entire abdominal region. Lifting the legs together keeps the inner thighs and buttocks engaged as the powerhouse pulls in and up, developing core strength and balance.

Side Lying Quad and Hip Stretch
This basic leg stretch stretches the front of the thigh and hip. Learn to do it more effectively with pilates alignment.

Single Leg Kick
This Pilates exercise focuses on the hamstrings, but it is also a great way to practice working your powerhouse by keeping your abdominals lifted throughout. You will also be practicing torso stabilization.

Leg Bend and Stretch with Exercise Band - Video
This video shows you how to simulate the Pilates reformer footwork using the exercise band. It works the legs, abs and arms.

Leg Kickback with Exercise band
This is a wonderful exercise for your hamstrings and core stability.

Standing Pilates Legwork Exercises
Standing Pilates exercises improve balance and posture. They are great thigh exercises as well. Learn two standing Pilates footwork exercises for beginners or advanced.

Swan Dive
Swan dive is a Pilates exercise that works the back, abdominals, glutes, hamstrings, and inner thighs. It is an intermediate to advanced move that builds on Pilates swan.

Swimming - Pilates Mat Exercise
Pilates mat exercise, Swimming, is a fun exercise, yet quite a workout. Swimming, like the activity it is named after, works every part of the body. This one is perfect for toning the abs. butt, back and hamstrings. Try Pilates Swimming as a great counter exercise to all the front flexion exercises.

Single Straight Leg Stretch - Pilates Mat Exercise
This Pilates mat exercise really works the endurance of the abdominals, and gives a great stretch to the hamstrings. It can be modified for different levels. Single Straight Leg Stretch is part of the free Pilates mat exercise series.

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