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Before You Buy Pilates Equipment


Updated July 15, 2014

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Whether you do Pilates at home, at a studio, or both there are a some basic pieces of Pilates equipment you might want to buy to support your practice. From clothing and mats to reformers, balls, bands and DVDs, this buyers' guide is designed to help you sort through the variety of Pilates equipment choices that are available.

Exercise Mats for Pilates

An exercise mat could well be your first choice for doing Pilates at home. Read through the guide to mats below before make up your mind about what kind of mat you want for Pilates exercises.


Pilates on Video and DVD

DVDs and video are among the top ways that people learn and practice Pilates. My DVD/video reviews cover DVDs for beginners through professionals, as well as topics such as weight loss and body sculpting.


Exercise Balls and Bands

Though they are not traditional Pilates equipment, exercise balls and bands have become popular for studio and home workouts. Find out why and what you want to know before you buy:


The Pilates Magic Circle

The magic circles, also known as exercise rings, Pilates rings and fitness circles, are among the most versatile pieces of Pilates equipment you can get for your home workout.


Pilates Studio Equipment

The major pieces of Pilates studio equipment such as a reformer, cadillac, chair or barrel are a significant investments. Before you buy you will want to have training on them, and do your research. Even if you are a studio owner, it pays to familiarize yourself with the different options available.


Workout Clothes for Pilates

You can do Pilates exercises in any clothing that moves well and isn't too baggy or revealing. However, if you want to spruce up a bit, there are lots of wonderful choices of workout clothing designed for Pilates and yoga.


Pilates Books

Books are a wonderful way to support your Pilates practice. I like working with them because they allow me to take my time with the exercises. I also appreciate many Pilates books for the deeper look into Pilates history and exercise principles that they provide.


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